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  • ShareMouse 是一款非常实用的鼠标共享软件,知友们使用 ShareMouse 能够实现一个鼠标控制多台电脑,操作简便、功能齐全,不管是游戏还是办公,都能够游刃有余。

  • 1、与多台计算机共享一个鼠标和键盘

    • 软件“ShareMouse”允许您通过单个鼠标和键盘控制多台计算机:
    • 将鼠标移动到您想要控制的计算机的监视器上,指针会神奇地跳转到该计算机。任何鼠标和键盘输入都会传输到相应的计算机。
    • 与网络KVM类似,ShareMouse通过本地LAN传输鼠标移动和点击。所有流量都可以受密码保护和AES加密。
    • 要在计算机之间切换,不需要KVM切换器或按下按钮。
    • 与键盘开关类似,您可以通过任何鼠标和键盘在桌面上无缝操作多台计算机。
  • 2、在 Mac 和 Windows 之间拖放文件

    • ShareMouse 使您可以在计算机之间拖放文件:
    • 无需设置文件共享或配置跨平台网络协议。
    • 在两台计算机之间传输文件从未如此简单!
  • 3、剪贴板共享

    • ShareMouse 可以在多台计算机之间共享剪贴板:
    • 将任何格式化的文本或文件复制到剪贴板中,并通过单键按下将其粘贴到任何其他计算机上。
  • 4、Windows 和 Mac 跨平台解决方案

    • ShareMouse 允许您从 PC 控制 Mac:
    • 它也可以反过来运行,您可以从 Mac 控制 PC。
    • ShareMouse 支持任何方向的操作系统。
  • ShareMouse allows you to operate multiple computers with one keyboard and saves you from buying a USB switch. You can seamlessly control multiple computers with the input device of any other computer.

  • ShareMouse also includes mouse sharing, allowing to to operate multiple computers with one mouse. Unlike a physical mouse switch, ShareMouse doesn’t require you to press any button. Instead, just move the mouse to the computer you wish to operate.


  • 1、软件KVM

    • 一个软件的KVM解决方案相比具有硬件很多好处PC开关。

    • 无需额外的硬件。ShareMouse使用您现有的网络连接。

  • 2、与多台计算机共享键盘

    • ShareMouse为您提供与多台计算机共享的键盘。该软件的工作方式类似于网络KVM,但没有监视器共享。
  • 3、两台电脑和一个键盘

    • ShareMouse允许您使用一个键盘操作两台计算机,从而避免购买USB开关。任何计算机上的任何键盘输入都由具有鼠标焦点的计算机处理。
  • 4、两台电脑和一台鼠标

    • ShareMouse还包括鼠标共享,允许您使用一个鼠标操作两台计算机。与物理鼠标切换不同,ShareMouse不要求您按任何按钮。相反,只需将鼠标移动到您想要操作的计算机即可。
  • Mouse & Keyboard Sharing Features: ShareMouse allows you to control a computer from any other computer with following features:

    • Automatic and configuration-free monitor layout sensing.
    • Any computer can remote control any other computer in any direction.
    • Hotkeys can be defined to jump directly to a specific monitor.
    • The Panic button cancel/reset any current remote control session.
    • Automatic dimming of inactive monitors.
    • Cross-platform compatible with Mac OSX and Windows support.
    • Vertical and horizontal wheel-mouse and Touchpad scrolling.
    • Support for up to 26 monitors and computers.
    • Support for Windows Fast User Switching and Windows Vista/7 User Account Control (UAC) pop-ups.
    • Optional network traffic encryption.
    • Portable mode for use with USB thumb drives.
  • File Exchange Features: ShareMouse can copy files between multiple computers by just dragging them with the mouse between the computers:

    • Drag & Drop any files from one computer to another.
    • Support of drag & drop of multiple files.
    • Progress bar and speedometer for larger files transmissions.
    • Cancel-button to cancel file transmissions at any time.
  • Clipboard Sharing Features: ShareMouse can also share the clipboard between multiple computers:

    • The Clipboard Synchronization supports text, bitmaps, files and folders containing multiple files.
    • Clipboard contents can be sent to a specific computer to avoid accidental overwrite of any computer’s clipboard.
    • Clipboard Sharing works independently from Windows network file shares. No need to fiddle with network file sharing.
  • Unique Features in ShareMouse: On top of above feature lists, some features are unique to ShareMouse:

    • Zero configuration - ShareMouse and automatically determines the positions of your monitor without any manual configuration.
    • Flexibility - ShareMouse works in any direction and allows you to use anycomputer’s mouse & keyboard on any monitor of any other computer without any re-configuration.
    • Full Control - The Monitor Arrangement allows you to precisely configure your monitor setup. Monitors can be positioned including slight vertical/horizontal offsets between the monitors.
    • Auto Fall-Back - ShareMouse automatically updates the monitor layout if any monitor of any computer becomes temporarily unavailable.
    • High Performance - The custom network protocol is specialized for remote control purposes and ensures smooth mouse cursor precision.








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