• LiveDesktop 是一款非常优秀的动态壁纸软件,这里有丰富的动态壁纸桌面主题,包括风景、动物、圣诞等主题,再加上符合主题的音乐背景,live desktop for mac让您桌面立马变得生动起来。

  • LiveDesktop is an awesome app which makes your desktop come alive with stunningly high-quality live and animated themes instead of the boring wallpapers.


  • 将桌面带入生活

    • Live桌面使得Mac桌面以令人惊叹的现场主题呈现。告别无聊的墙报,体验Mac桌面应该是的方式。
  • TouchBar支持MacBook Pro

    • 通过简单的触摸切换现场主题,或者在全新MacBook Pro中提供的真棒触摸栏中进行轻扫。
    • 真棒生活主题 - 在屏幕上体验挥舞着的旗帜,原始的水墙,涟漪河,沙滩,咆哮的狮子,甚至雨滴。所有主题都是现场,动画,并且质量最高。
    • 体验现场音频 - 大多数现场主题都集成了音频。只需点击一个按钮即可在Live Themes中启用或禁用音频。现在你还可以听到河流的涟漪,鸟儿的歌声或雨滴的声音。
  • 伟大的创想者伴侣

    • Live Desktop是创意专业人士的绝佳伴侣,他们希望有一个完全不同的环境来鼓励思想,想法,艺术或文字的流动。Live桌面可让您通过点击进入不同的环境。
  • Beautitul应用程序来控制主题

    • Live桌面提供了一个漂亮的界面来查看所有的现场主题,也可以选择下载本地不可用的其他新主题。
  • 无缝新主题增加

    • 除了现有主题外,新主题还会在创建时不断添加。新的主题将自动反映在应用程序中,并且无需进行应用程序更新。
  • 无电池和性能影响

    • Live Desktop非常精心设计,并且可以在资源非常少的情况下进行微调,并且不会影响系统的电池,CPU或性能。
  • 在开始时启动

    • 您可以将Live桌面配置为在启动时启动,以便每次系统启动时自动启动应用程序,并在菜单栏中准备就绪。
  • 即时到达

    • Live桌面始终在菜单栏中可用,如果您启用该功能以便在开始时启动,并且可以通过单击或配置热键来激活。
  • Bring your Desktop to Life – Live Desktop makes the Mac desktop alive with amazing live themes. Say good-bye to boring wall papers and experience the way desktops for Mac should be.

  • Touchbar Support for MacBook Pro – Switch the live themes by a simple touch or swipe in the awesome touch bar provided in the new MacBook Pro.
  • Awesome Live Themes – Experience a waving flag, pristine water wall, ripling river, sandy beach, roaring lion, and even raindrops on your screen. All themes are live, animated, and are of the highest quality.
  • Experience Live Audio – Most of the live themes have audio integrated in them. Just click on a button to enable or disable audio in the Live Themes. Now you can also listen to the rippling of the rivers, song of birds or raindrops.
  • Great Companion for Creators – Live Desktop is a great companion for creative professionals who wish for a totally different environment to encourage the flow of thoughts, ideas, art, or words. Live Desktop takes you to a different environment in a click.
  • Beautitul App to Control Themes – Live Desktop provides a beautiful interface to view all the live themes and also the option to download other new themes that are not available locally.
  • Seamless New Themes Addition – In addition to the existing themes, new themes are added continously as they are created. New themes will reflect automatically in the app and there is no need for an app update.
  • No Battery and Performance Impact – Live Desktop is very carefully crafted and fine-tuned to run on a very low-resource footprint, and will not affect your battery, CPU, or performance of your system.
  • Launch on Start – You can configure Live Desktop to launch on start so that the app is launched automatically everytime the system starts, and is ready in the menu bar.
  • Instant Reach – Live Desktop is always available in the menu bar if you enable it to launch on start, and can be activated in a single click or by configuring a hotkey.









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