Branding Templates(商业信纸模板)



  • Branding Lab Templates 是一款简单实用的商业信纸模板。提供方便包装风格和外观的企业信纸模板。每一种风格的包装都是在相同的指导下进行全面的文具收藏 - 定制,移动,添加,删除项目,重新着色,添加您的标识,名称,联系信息 - 使其成为您自己的!

  • 发展您的专业形象和品牌形象,节省成千上万的创意代理费!探索广泛的专业设计的可定制的商业信纸模板,轻松地适应您的专业需求!

  • Develop your professional image and brand identity, save thousands on creative agency fees! Explore a broad range of professionally-designed customizable business stationery templates, easily adapt them to your professional needs!

  • Branding Lab for Pages offers corporate stationery templates in convenient packs sorted by style and appearance. Every style pack is a comprehensive collection of stationery styled under the same guidelines – customize, move, add, remove items, recolor, add your logos, names, contact information – make it truly your own!


  • 每一个企业风格的包装包含一整套业务需要的文具:小册子,名片,报告,日历,证书,信封,评估表,邀请函,发票,信函,备忘录,通讯,海报等等。大多数模板甚至有几个不同的选项来区分职位,部门,或迎合不同的口味。这就像有一个创意机构在你的处置 24/7!

  • 所有模板都有各种格式,包括最流行的 A4(210 x 297 毫米)和美国信(8½x 11 英寸)格式。

  • Every corporate style pack contains a full set of stationery needed for business: brochures, business cards, reports, calendars, certificates, envelopes, evaluation forms, invitations, invoices, letters, memos, newsletters, posters, and much more. Most templates even come in several different options to differentiate positions, departments, or cater to different tastes. It’s like having a creative agency at your disposal 24/7!

  • All templates are available in a variety of formats, including the most popular A4 (210 x 297 mm) and U.S. Letter (8½ x 11 in.) formats.





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