DjVuReader Ex(DjVu 格式文件阅读器)



  • DjVuReader Ex 是一款 DjVu 格式文件阅读器,是目前电脑上存储的 DjVu 文件功能最全的阅读器。

  • DjVuReader Ex 是一种新的图像压缩技术来解决的问题,只是可以接受的下载速度过大时,在网络上使用的笨重的图像文件。对于企业或个人处理大量的图像文件,这不仅大大减少了所需的存储空间,同时也使得这些文件更为有效的分配。

  • DjVuReader Ex is the most fully featured reader for DjVu files available on the store.

  • DjVu is a new image compression technology to solve the problem of bulky image files that are simply too large for acceptable download speeds when used on the Web. For companies or individuals who deal with large numbers of image documents this not only considerably reduces the storage space required but also makes the distribution of these documents far more efficient.

  • DjVu typically achieves compression ratios between 5 and 10 times better than JPEG and GIF files for color documents, and 3 to 8 times better than TIFF for black and white images. Decompression is also far more efficient, with an image that would usually require 25Mb RAM to decompress only needing about 2Mb.


  • 支持多页 DjVu 文件(包括捆绑的和间接的)
  • 支持打印文档,支持快速查找
  • 支持安全的 DjVu 文件搜索功能(基于文本的文件)文件中黑色和白色或全的颜色
  • 复制部分的文件复制到剪贴板
  • 书签功能,直观的导航
  • 可定制的喜好,包括:
    • 单/双页模式
    • 自定义窗口的背景色
    • 分隔管理
    • 设置头版封面页
  • Features:
    • Support for multi-page Djvu files (both bundled and indirect)
    • Support for secure Djvu files
    • Search function (for text based documents)
    • View documents in black-and-white or full color
    • Copy sections of the document to the clipboard
    • Bookmarks function
    • Intuitive navigation
  • Customizable preferences, including:
    • Single/double page mode
    • Custom window background colors
    • Page-delimited management
    • Set front page as cover page









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