Wondershare Data Recovery(数据恢复工具)


  • Wondershare Data Recovery 是一款数据恢复软件,Wondershare Data Recovery 适用于计算机、手机、硬盘驱动器、闪存驱动器、存储卡等,因为误删、病毒损坏、硬盘奔溃而丢失的数据都能帮你找回并恢复,操作简单,功能强大!

  • Wondershare Data Recovery 是一种安全有效的数据恢复软件,可从Mac的硬盘驱动器以及USB驱动器,外部硬盘驱动器和其他存储设备中检索丢失的视频,照片,音乐,文档,电子邮件等。

  • Wondershare Data Recovery is a comprehensive data recovery suite to recover Mac data lost due to accidental deleting, formatting, virus infection, improper operation, unexpected power failure, and other unknown reasons.

  • It can recover Mac data from lost, deleted, logical corrupted and formatted Mac hard drive, iPod, USB drive, SD card, digital camera, mobile phone, MP3, and MP4 player. Compatible with HFS+, FAT16/32, and NTFS file system volumes, this non-destructive Mac file recovery software ensures safe Mac file recovery without modifying the original data saved on your Mac machine or any other storage media. Versatile preview lets you enjoy Mac data recovery in advance.


  • 预览可用

    • 预览在恢复之前可用,您可以在磁盘扫描后预览所有找到的项目,然后确定要恢复哪些文件。
  • 强大的搜索

    • 强大的搜索功能使您能够快速有效地查找丢失的文件/数据,一旦激活了“深度扫描”选项即可分析并查找Mac上数据的每个字节。
  • 轻松恢复

    • 通过三个简单的步骤,从Macintosh和存储设备恢复丢失,删除的格式化文件。
  • 分区恢复

    • 删除或格式化分区错误的数据丢失?恢复存储在已被删除或格式化的分区上的数据,甚至是丢失或隐藏的分区。
  • 已删除文件恢复

    • 意外删除重要文件没有任何备份,并清空“垃圾桶”?从Macbook / iMac / Mac mini和其他存储介质中轻松快速地恢复已删除的文件。
  • RAW硬盘恢复

    • 恢复通常由文件系统损坏,RAW硬盘驱动器,RAW分区或分区丢失导致的无法访问,隐藏或严重损坏的数据。
  • Safety First:

    • Read-only and risk-free Mac data recovery program. No any writing operation to your original data.
  • Versatile Preview Ability:

    • For images, real-time and direct scan results is displayed during the scan process to let users stop scanning once the target images are found.
    • For other Mac files such as videos, audio files, archives and documents, they are displayed as a text in a Hex mode for preview to let users enjoy file recovery on Mac in advance.
  • Precise File Recovery for Mac:

    • Before data recovery on Mac, you can choose the target file types to scan, which saves you much time especially when there are tons of files on your Mac machine.
    • Restore deleted files for Mac with original file names, shooting date, and storage paths.
    • Support file names search for scanning results to provide you precise Mac file recovery.
  • Easy-to-use and Clean Interface:

    • Complete wizard and easy-to-use interface let you perform Mac data recovery in a breeze.









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