iBooks Templates(iBooks 模板)


1.1 Books Expert Templates


  • Books Expert Templates 是一款 iBooks 模板合集,通过内置的数十个精美的 iBook 模板,可以让我们快速的制作精美的 iBook 电子书。

  • With the new, revolutionary iBooks Author app, anyone can create and publish great Multi-Touch books for iPad, including you. Alungu swiftly offers you an enhanced experience in book creation with 35 beautiful templates for iBooks Author.

1.2 DesiGN Books Author Templates


  • DesiGN Books Author Templates 是一款涵盖了从商业和旅行到艺术和烹饪的各种书籍模板,每个设计都可以轻松进行自定义,使您能够充分利用 iBooks Author 提供的图书创建功能。

  • DesiGN Books 作者模板是苹果新的图书创建和发布应用程序超过 290 个引人注目的模板的集合。浏览广泛的设计,以找到完美的外观,添加您的文字和图像,并发布自己的书到 iBookstore!

  • 288 种可用的模板涵盖了从商业和旅行到艺术和烹饪的各种书籍类别。每个设计都可以轻松进行自定义,使您能够充分利用 iBooks Author 提供的图书创建功能。

  • DesiGN Books Author Templates (was GN Books for iBooks Author) is a collection of compelling templates for Apple’s new application for book creation and publishing. Browse the wide range of designs to find the perfect look, add your text and images and publish your own book to iBookstore!


2.1 Books Expert Templates

  • Wide choice
    • Assortment of stylish and modern page layouts.
  • Create your own style
    • You can use templates as a starting point and go from there by typing or pasting your own text, adding or removing text boxes, dropping images or other media.
  • Premium quality
    • Themes are designed by professional designers. The standard designs included in Suite for iBooks Author are very polished, you are not expected to settle for default.
  • Easy to use
    • Most objects in the templates can be easily reshaped, moved, or removed, colors can be changed as well.
  • Your choice
    • Use a variety of pre-designed text styles or opt for fonts of your choice to format your text for the best effect.
  • Save your time and create marvellous looking Multi-touch book just in a minute!

2.2 DesiGN Books Author Templates

  • 所有可用的模板涵盖了从商务和旅行到艺术和烹饪的各种书籍类别。 每个设计都可以轻松定制,并允许您充分利用 iBooks Author 提供的书籍创建功能。

  • DesiGN Books Author Templates 的重点在于娱乐性写作,因此插入文本,图形甚至电影都非常容易。 您还可以更改颜色,字体或样式,从而使您的工作看起来更符合您的需要。 只需单击一下,即可在页面的任何位置添加文本,图表,表格或图像。

  • 豪华的设计和广泛的修改可能性有助于以印刷书籍永远不可能的方式将内容带入生活!

  • The templates cover various book categories from business and travel to arts and cooking. Each design is easily customizable and allows you to get the best of the book creation capabilities provided by iBooks Author.

  • The emphasis of DesiGN Books Author Templates is put on entertaining writing, so it is really easy to insert text, graphics or even movies. You can also change colors, font or style thus making your work look precisely the way you want. Add text, charts, tables or images anywhere on the page with a single click.




5.1 Books Expert Templates


5.2 DesiGN Books Author Templates


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