• Mellel 是一款文字处理排版软件,界面人性化,支持调整文字大小、加标脚注、设置对齐方式、绘制表格、选择背景和文字颜色等等功能。

  • Mellel 专为长和复杂的文档而设计,Mellel 允许您创建具有风格,复杂性和一致性的文档。更好的是,Mellel for iPad 将逐渐将先进的功能添加到的对应物中。

  • 享受完全的兼容性:在 Mellel 上设置的所有属性都是兼容的,并且会保留在 Mellel for iPad 上,反之亦然。在家中搭载 iPad 的勃朗峰顶部,您现在可以在文件上工作,保持交叉引用,引用,图像,字幕,自定义自动标题,笔记等完整。

  • 电源在您的指尖:Mellel 支持几个强大的功能,让您访问一些高端的文字处理功能,同时享受 iPad 易用性。

  • Serious writers use Mellel. It’s built to handle all long-form written works, whether novel or manuscript, thesis or newsletter. It supports you throughout your entire writing process. Outline, write, edit, style, and format your works for professional print in one software, in one environment. Easily. Quickly. So you can concentrate on what’s truly important: writing.

    • Take control of your styles.
    • Use your styles sets from one document to another.
    • Depend on its reliability. Mellel doesn’t crash. Create beautiful documents consistently.
    • Save time and hassle. It does automatically what other writing apps make you do manually.
  • We have over 70 tutorials that can guide you through Mellel — from the simplest to the most advanced features. View them on


  • 大纲:通过大纲轻松浏览整个文档
    • 自动标题:轻松添加标题来构建文档
    • 查找和替换:查找文档中的任何单词
    • 跟踪更改:跟踪您和他人在文档中的更改
    • 评论:向您的文档添加评论
    • 注意事项:轻松添加脚注,尾注,作者笔记等
    • 表格:在文档中插入和编辑表格
    • 字数:计数单词,段落,行,注释等
    • 特殊字符:使用“插入”条可以轻松插入特殊字符和符号
    • 缩放:检查详细信息或缩小到4视图,查看整个文档流程。
    • 文档查看器:添加,复制,删除,命名和重命名您的文件
  • 样式很简单:Mellel 强大的风格将使您可以随时对文档进行风格化或使用样式,让您保持一致性,同时应用无数变更:
    • 字符:自己应用字符样式或设置字体,字体,大小和其他属性
    • 段落:自己应用段落样式或设置对齐方式,行间距和方向
    • 图像:将图像添加到文档中,然后移动
    • 文本 boxess:编辑和操作文本框
    • 列表:启动,停止,增加和减少列表,并应用列表样式
    • 部分:应用部分样式在文档的任何部分中设置两个,三个或四个列
    • 页面:应用页面样式,更改页边距,页眉和页脚等属性
    • 标记:轻松快速地标记文字。
  • iCloud:打开 iCloud,使您的文档在上自动提供:
    • 将文档保存到 iCloud Drive 和兼容的存储服务。从您的 iPad 或您的 …
    • 在 Mac 或 iPad 上轻松打开 iCloud Drive,Box 等
    • 从 Mellel for iPad 将文件另存为 PDF 格式
    • 通过电子邮件将文件发送到任何地方
  • Tools Update In Real Time
    • Auto-titles let you organize your document easily
    • Dynamic cross-references that update automatically
    • Unprecedentedly powerful and easy-to-use indexing tool
    • Citations and Live Bibliography update as you write
    • Generate Tables of Contents with ease and control
  • Create Beautiful and Consistent Documents
    • Consistent and clear styles
    • Flow text around images and text boxes
    • Create sections, columns, and tables
    • Reuse your styles across different documents
  • Find Anything
    • Most advanced find and replace tool
    • Smart Regular Expressions-like language
    • Run hundreds of saved Find Actions at once
  • Advanced Editing
    • Smart paragraph spacing, hyphenation, and keep options
    • Visually design your page styles
    • Create titles with multiple parts and styles
    • Flexible and advanced character styles with 8 style variations
    • Copy and paste text and attributes, together or separately
  • Manage and Organize
    • Outline pane gives you bird’s eye view of entire structure
    • Move entire sections with a click in the Outline
    • Create your plot via the Story pane, add events, characters and locations
    • Keep track of changes with tracked changes and comments
    • Eradicate “gremlin” styles with Style Replace
  • Compatibility and Collaboration
    • Import & Exports DOC, RTF and TXT documents
    • Exports PDFs with live links, linked indexes, cross references, and Tables of Contents
    • Supports all image formats (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, and more)
    • Save and open to and from the cloud, and to Mellel’s iOS version.









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