Dr. Cleaner(磁盘清理和优化软件)


  • Dr. Cleaner 在原有的清理磁盘和优化内存的基础上,将App Uninstaller(软件卸载器)和Duplicate Finder(重复文件查找)全部集成进来,方便用户操作。

  • Dr. Cleaner Pro is the professional version of Dr. Cleaner. Dr. Cleaner Pro also includes Duplicate Finder and App Uninstaller. Clean, optimize, and maintain your Mac with one professional tool.


  • 【智能内存优化】

    • 一键释放内存空间
    • App退出后内存即时恢复
    • 显示占用大量内存的App
    • 桌面状态栏实时显示已用内存
  • 【磁盘清理】

    • 在系统状态栏启动快速磁盘清理
    • 清除临时文件,包括缓存、日志、下载文件等
    • 智能检测已卸载软件残余文件
    • 清除移动存储设备中垃圾文件
  • 【大文件扫描】

    • 大文件一键扫描(用户可自定义扫描文件体积,从10MB及以上)
    • 多种筛选条件,包括大小、修改日期、文件名称和文件类型等
    • 可以扫描iCloud drive等云储存系统存放的本地文件
    • 被保护的文件将不会被显示
    • [*重要文件可以在保护目录中被锁定,以防误删。]
  • 【软件卸载器】

    • 智能查找通过其他方法卸载软件所残余的相关文件,并提示用户一键清理
    • 统一界面展示系统内所有软件,查看软件各项属性,包括上次使用时间,方便用户筛选
    • 强力卸载软件,包括各种流氓软件
  • 【重复文件查找】

    • 深度快速扫描:它具备快速准确的扫描算法,能覆盖您的Mac家目录的每个角落。
    • 智能精准的选择:判定重复文件不仅根据文件名、创建日期、所在文件夹等因素;还会根据文件自身识别代码判定。扫描结果将以详细的预览方式呈现给您,还有智能“一键选择”功能帮您做出判断。
    • 简单但安全地做出决定:重复文件可以按文件类型进行筛选,并会展示完整的路径供您判断。您可以选择永久删除这些重复文件,或将它们放到废纸篓里。
  • Smart Memory Optimizer

    • 1-click memory optimization
    • Instantly reclaim memory from closed apps
    • Identify apps that use a significant amount of memory
  • Junk Files Cleaner

    • Quick disk clean from status bar menu
    • Clean temporary files, including logs, mail caches, iTunes and iOS temporary files, etc. Empty Trash for current user
    • Detect remaining files after deleting apps
    • Clean trash in removable storage
  • Duplicate Files Finder

    • Thorough and quick scan – fast and accurate scanning technique covers your entire home folder
    • Smart and accurate selection – duplicates are selected not only by file names but also by their contents. Files are shown in detailed previews. It can also help you “”decide”” which copy to delete by presenting “”Auto Select”” button
    • Easy and safe decision – duplicates can be sorted by file type and listed in their full route for you to track. You can decide which way to clean these files; either by sending them to Trash or deleting them permanently
  • Intelligent App Uninstaller

    • Auto-clean leftovers of deleted apps
    • Manage all the applications installed on your Mac easily
    • View all the information of applications installed on your Mac clearly and easily
    • List all the applications installed on your Mac by name, size, and last opened date
    • Remove applications on your Mac easily and completely
    • Remove all the associated files of uninstalled applications
    • Real-time system status
    • Real-time network usage
    • Real-time CPU usage
  • Big Files Scanner

    • 1-click scan of big files (customizable size from 10 MB and above)
    • Multiple filters of size, date, name and type
    • Local files in sync with your cloud drives can also be found; important big files can be “locked” into the protected list to avoid accidental deletion





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