Android Data Recovery(安卓数据恢复软件)



  • Android Data Recovery 是一款 Android 设备数据恢复软件,能够帮助我们在电脑上对 Android 设备进行数据恢复,文档、图片、视频、音频、电子邮件、照片、视频、短信、联系人都能进行数据恢复。

  • Android Data Recovery 是世界级的专业软件,旨在完全恢复您的所有丢失的数据,如图片,视频,联系人,消息,通话记录和其他完全类型的文件。此工具适用于所有 Android 手机和平板电脑,包括三星,HTC,摩托罗拉,LG 等。

  • Android Data Recovery is designed to deal with a range of data loss situations happened to your Android smartphone/tablet. Such as mistaken deletion, water damage, improper operation, system corruption, virus attack, factory settings restore, rooting, software update and so forth.

  • As a professional data recovery tool, Android Data Recovery works well to retrieve up to 8 types of lost files, undoubtedly. And the beautiful preview window allows you to read contents in threads before recovery. At the same time, those recoverable files can be exported in various popular formats to your Mac.

  • Use Android Data Recovery As Easy As 1-2-3
    To be efficient and time-saving, three recovery steps allow you to quickly scan and find lost data. Additionally, concise interface suite for both green hand and old hand to operate. All scanned files are orderly listed by categories, time and folders for your preview in prior to recovery.


  • 在 Android 上恢复多个数据,包括照片,视频,联系人,通话记录,短信,文件等。
  • 从 Android 手机存储器(内部存储器)和 SD 卡(外部存储器)中还原丢失的文件。
  • 由于错误删除,出厂重置,闪存ROM,生根等原因,检索丢失的数据。
  • 在恢复之前可以预览任何想要的数据
  • 自由传输和备份 Android 数据到PC。
  • 适用于所有 Android 设备,如三星,索尼,Motorala,宏达电,谷歌 Nexus 等。
  • 支持 Android 1.5 至 6.0 的 Android 操作系统。
  • 简单,快速和安全的使用。





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