• Mountain 是一款管理磁盘/宗卷/映像的通知栏工具,我们可以通过此应用在系统通知栏上对磁盘/宗卷/映像进行快速管理。


  • Mountain可以安装、卸载或弹出驱动器与两个简单的点击;
  • 卸载一个驱动或弹出一次所有外部驱动器。卸载驱动将旋下来,可以unpluged或重新在Mountain不需要拔掉USB线,重新插一遍;
  • Mountain确定并通知您的应用程序块被弹出驱动器,让您轻松退出应用程序;
  • Mountain可以设置通知你当驱动器可用或外部设备可以安全地拔出。上的通知,点击会打开驾驶仪;
  • Mountain菜单栏图标将显示如果外部卷连接或是否安全,拔掉所有连接,包括网络连接;

  • Mountain allows you to manage volumes with ease. It allows you to mount, unmount, or eject volumes with only two clicks. Unmount a single volumes or eject all external volumes at once. Unmounted volumes will be spun down and can either be unplugged or reactivated in Mountain without the need to unplug the USB cable and plug it back in.

    • Automatically unmount external volumes when the system goes to sleep and remount them on wake up.
    • Remount recent network shares with a single click or remount them automatically on boot up or wake from sleep.
    • Prevent external volumes from being mounted upon connection.
    • Prevent volumes from being ejected.
    • Identify applications that block volumes from being ejected and quit them right away.
    • Get notified whenever a volume becomes available or an external device can be unplugged safely. A click on the notification will open the volume in Finder.
    • The Mountain menu bar icon will indicate if external volumes are connected or if you are clear to unplug all device cables including network connections.
    • Speed up ejecting and mounting of all external volumes at once using global hotkeys.
  • Mountain in your perfect assistant when managing SD card adapters (e.g., Nifty MiniDrive)








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