• HazeOver 是一款虚化背景窗口软件。HazeOver 可以帮助用户在桌面上显示系统工具,还可以对整个桌面的色调、亮度等进行调整等。

  • HazeOver helps you focus by emphasizing an active window by fading out inactive ones.


  • HazeOver通过淡出不活动窗口来强调活动窗口来帮助您集中精力。
  • 重型多任务杀死你的注意力。所有这些推文,电子邮件,聊天消息和lolcats从背景中盯着你。他们力求你的注意。而你只有这么多。
  • 不要让自己淹死在数十个开放的窗户。隐藏,切换,寻找正确的一个,更多的隐藏,更多的切换。冷静下来,呼吸,呼吸,推出HazeOver,最后专注于你已经做了什么。
  • 当您切换窗口时,HazeOver会自动突出显示活动窗口或应用程序。在背景中,不太重要的东西轻轻地消失,从而提高你的注意力。
  • 根据您的喜好设定雾度和速度。这是一个柔和的调光,一个不高尚的焦点。或者一个强大的黑暗背景,直接致力于您当前的任务。

  • Heavy multi-tasking kills your concentration. All those tweets, emails, chat messages and lolcats staring back at you from the background. They strive for your attention. And you only have that much of it.

  • Don’t let yourself drown in scores of open windows. Hiding, switching, looking for the right one, more hiding, more switching. Calm down, breathe in, breathe out, launch HazeOver, and finally focus on what’s you’ve been up to.
  • HazeOver automatically highlights an active window or app when you switch windows. The less important things gently fade away in the background, improving your attention span.
  • Set the hazing intensity and speed to your liking. Be it a soft dimming, an undemanding hint of focus. Or a powerful dark background for outright dedication to your current task.













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