Vault 101(文件/文件夹密码保护工具)


  • Vault 101 是一款实用强大的数据加密工具。Vault 101 提供AES-256加密是256位高级加密标准,用强大的AES-256加密保护用户数据。

  • Vault 101 will help you keep your data protected via strong AES-256 encryption, 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard. It is the best way to transfer critical data over the Internet (email, cloud, messenger, etc.). Even if your Vault Capsule falls into the wrong hands it remains completely inaccessible due to its strong password-based AES-256 encryption. It’s the best solution if you want to keep your critical data synced yet protected on cloud or FTP servers. Password-protect files and folders in 3 easy steps:

    • choose the source folder;
    • set capsule name and password;
    • click “Create”.


  • Vault 101 通过强大的AES-256加密保护文件和文件夹密码。自动上传我们的服务器上的位置获得一个下载链接,需要时打开使用它。

  • Vault 101 支持自动下载加密文件链接,上传后再发送邮件到一个你指定的收件人。支持管理上传:列表,删除,查看详细信息,下载,获取下载链接。

  • Easy Access to Your Encrypted Data

    • Since your capsule is encrypted, it’s not possible for others to read it without your password. To view a capsule, just double-click it, enter your password, and click the “Open” button. Your data will appear on your desktop just like any other removable media (DVD, USB, etc.).
  • Exchange Capsules Online

    • You can optionally automatically upload your capsule on our server and send a download link via email to one recipient. Uploaded capsules are available for 48 hours. After that they are automatically deleted. Our server acts as a bridge between you and your recipient. You can also setup your own FTP server and configure Vault 101 to work with it instead. 48h limitations will not apply on your own FTP server.








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