• Printworks 是一款全功能设计软件,可以帮助我们进行 CD 封面、标签、贺卡、便签、信封、邀请函等的设计,我们可以通过这款软件非常省力地完成这些设计工作。

  • 无论是产品手册、日历 CD 标签和美丽且专业名片,Printworks 涵盖了一切,你只需要选择已有的模板就可以自己动手做设计啦!

  • 每种类型的文档有特定的模板,如 iTunes 光盘,邮件合并为标签和信封和名片,Printworks 都可以在满足您所有的设计需求的同时,保持工作流程的无缝和舒适。

  • Printworks 内置 400 多模板,传单,小册子,光盘,名片,日历,标签,和更多。只要选择一个形状,以满足您的需求。并不是所有的。你也可以得到超过1000高品质的剪贴画图片,以帮助从头开始设计,如果这还不就够?没问题,Printworks 还有超过 40000 张剪贴画图像和 100 个额外的字体包。

  • Printworks is a super intuitive, all-purpose page layout and desktop publishing app. It doesn’t matter what kind of document you need to layout and print. From brochures and calendars to CD labels and beautiful, professional business cards, Printworks covers it all. Just choose and customize a template or design a document from scratch! Printworks handles all kinds of page layout and desktop publishing documents, with elegance.

  • Each type of document comes with specific features unique to that project type, such as iTunes track import for discs, mail merge for labels and envelopes, and Apple Contacts integration for business cards. The app has been tailored to cater to all of your design needs while keeping the workflow seamless and comfortable. This app is loaded with over 400 templates for flyers, brochures, discs, business cards, labels, calendars, and more. Just choose one and shape it to fit your needs. And that’s not all. You also get over 1,000 high-quality clipart images to help build the design from scratch. Not enough? Not a problem. Get over 40,000 clipart images and 100 fonts with the Extras Pack.

  • Typography is what Printworks does best. From flowing text boxes to a custom heading tool that lets you create artsy titles for your projects. Easily create a set of text styles that can be applied to text boxes with just one click of the mouse. No need to edit every piece of text by hand.

  • There are also a few tools for circular text and vertical text for discs and jewel inserts. Printworks has all of the design tools you would expect from good desktop publishing software. And much more. It’s not just shape tools, shadows, strokes, and gradients. It’s a built-in photo editor that contains over 80 image filters. Or the spline drawing tool that lets you easily draw out anything you need, whether you can draw by hand or not. Print your desktop publishing documents right at home or export them to an image format and send them over to your local print shop. The app supports hundreds of label and paper layouts for disc, label, or business card projects. Layouts from well-known manufacturers such as Avery, Memorex, and Neato.


  • 您需要的任何文件

    • 印花网络以优雅的方式处理各种页面布局和桌面出版文件。每种类型的文档都具有该项目类型特有的特定功能。如iTunes光盘导入,标签和信封的邮件合并以及名片的Apple Contacts集成。该应用程序已经量身定制,以满足您的所有设计需求,同时保持工作流程的无缝和舒适。
  • 模板和剪贴画集合

    • 这个应用程序已加载。超过400个模板传单,小册子,光盘,名片,标签,日历,等等。只要选择一个,并将其塑造成适合您的需求。而这还不是全部。您还可以获得超过1,000张高质量的剪贴画图像,帮助您从头开始构建设计。不够?不是问题。获得超过40,000剪贴画图像和100个字体的额外包。
  • 文字和版面工具没有其他

    • 印刷是Printworks最擅长的。从流动的文本框到自定义标题工具,让您为项目创建艺术化的标题。轻松创建一组文本样式,只需点击一下鼠标即可应用于文本框。不需要手工编辑每一段文字。还有一些用于圆形文字和垂直文字的光盘和宝石插入的工具。
  • 印刷和出口

    • 在家中打印您的桌面出版文档,或将其导出为图像格式,并将其发送到您当地的打印店。该应用程序支持光盘,标签或名片项目的数百个标签和纸张布局。来自知名制造商如艾利,Memorex和Neato的布局。





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