• FruitJuice 是一款最佳电池管理工具,专门为苹果笔记本量身打造,为我们提供电池监控,通知,每日电池的建议,指导维修和诊断等相关信息,确保我们的笔记本电池可以获得最长的运行寿命。

  • FruitJuice is a Mac application and online service that helps maximize Apple notebook battery life and runtime. FruitJuice makes it possible to follow Apple’s recommendations for ensuring longer battery life and accurate “time remaining” estimates when running on battery. It works by tracking the battery’s condition and usage in real-time and provides a complete picture of the battery’s health in a simple, elegant OS X interface.


  • FruitJuice帮助您的苹果笔记本电池实现最长运行时间和寿命。
  • FruitJuice将让您了解电池每天的工作量,在苹果产品建议的基础上保持您的电池健康。
    • FruitJuic详细记录电池的充电和放电的过程,以方便您可更好的了解电池的使用情况并根据苹果公司的推荐更好的使用您的电池。
  • 灵活的配置可如你所愿看到更多更详细的信息。
  • 通知发送将提醒您什么时间插入或拔出电源,以保证电池健康并避免的意外“你现在正在使用备用电池的电源运行。”
  • FruitJuice也会显示电池的现实评估的整体状况:它结合电池状况,年龄,出厂容量和寿命号码为您提供实时电池的内部健康。

  • According to the “Apple Notebooks” webpage: “The built-in battery of your MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air is designed to deliver up to 1000 full charge and discharge cycles before it reaches 80 percent of its original capacity.” Only with FruitJuice can you can find out the current health of your battery and see whether it is performing up to Apple’s specifications. All the information you need is in one place in the “Battery Information” screen.

  • In addition to the main application, FruitJuice also provides a menu bar application that replaces the built-in battery status menu. At a glance, it shows you much of the same information available in the main FruitJuice application: the current battery information, plugged-in percentage for the last 7, 14, and 30 days, and calibration (or conditioning) status.








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