Cisdem Duplicate Finder(重复文件清理工具)



  • Cisdem Duplicate Finder 是一款重复文件清理软件。它可以扫描任何地方的任何文件,无论是在内部和外部硬盘驱动器的个人或多个文件夹扫描,包括照片和 iTunes 中的副本或类似,还可以找到重复的图片,文档,视频,音乐,存档,包以及相似的图像。

  • Cisdem Duplicate Finder offers a accurate way to find and delete all duplicate files. With this tool you can scan both computer drives and folders located on external devices, as well as Apple applications like iPhoto, iTunes, and Mail. Providing smart scanning algorithms, the program can find and remove duplicate files in batches, save hard drive space, and speed up your Mac to the most!


  • 功能特色

    • 强大的扫描引擎
    • 无论文件名是什么,它都可以通过 MD5 值校验和算法快速找到真实的重复文件,并精确检测重复文件
    • 轻松从应用程序中删除重复,包括 iTunes,照片和邮件
    • 完全支持从内置Mac硬盘驱动器和外部存储设备扫描和查找重复文件
    • 扫描时,您可以随时停止,重复查找器将显示即时结果
    • 将某些文件夹列入黑名单,以确保永远不会被扫描
    • 启用排除要扫描的特定文件类型
    • 显示重复文件的创建时间
    • 完全兼容 macOS Sierra
    • 多重过滤和删除
    • 在饼图和标签视图中清楚地显示重复的文件
    • 根据重复的大小指定过滤器
    • 支持一键式自动选择/取消所有重复选项
    • 支持按大小,文件,名称或文件数量设置重复文件的排序
    • 支持全屏幕,方便您定位和预览重复文件
    • 将副本移到垃圾桶或完全删除它们
    • 启用删除文件到指定的文件夹
  • Powerful Scanning Engine

    • Regardless of file names, it can quickly find the true duplicate files with Precise detection of duplicates via MD5 value check-sum algorithm
    • Easily remove duplicates from Apps including iTunes, Photos and Mail
    • Fully support to scan and find duplicate files from Internal Mac hard drives and External storage
    • When scanning you can stop at any time and DuplciateFinder will show the instant result
    • Blacklist certain folders to ensure they are never scanned
  • Multiple Filter and Removal

    • Clearly show duplicate files in both pie chart and tab view
    • specify the filter depending on the duplicate size
    • Support One-click auto selection/deselection of all duplicates at ease
    • Support setting sorts for duplicate files by size, file, name or file count
    • Support full screen so you can locate and preview duplicate files in ease











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