• DetectX 是一款轻量级按需专用搜索和故障排除工具,可能是同类产品中速度最快的一种工具,可识别恶意软件,广告软件,键盘记录程序,可能不需要的应用程序以及 Mac 上潜在的不稳定应用程序。


  • 解决问题

    • 使用检测器视图来查找并清除属于可能导致性能问题的应用程序和进程的隐藏文件和不那么隐藏的文件。检测器通常搜索三种类型的商品:带有隐藏可执行文件的商业应用,广告软件和键盘记录器。
  • 保持信息

    • 当第三方应用程序,进程或文件被添加或删除到可能影响性能的Mac关键区域时,DetectX会向您发出警告。Inspector在启动时以及在Inspector View中手动使用“记录”功能时自动运行。
  • 分析和诊断

    • 历史视图保存所有Inspector运行的日志,并允许您或技术顾问分析和诊断Mac上发生的变化。为方便起见,您可以查看所有日志,单个日志或仅更改列表。
  • DetectX is the troubleshooting tool for your Mac. The only troubleshooting app that runs on every version of OS X from 2011 to present and that allows you to:

    • Fix problems: – Use the Detector View to find and trash the hidden and not-so-hidden files belonging to apps and processes that can be responsible for performance problems. There are generally three categories of things the Detector searches for: commercial apps with hidden executables, adware and keyloggers.

    • Stay Informed: – DetectX warns you when 3rd party applications, processes or files are added or removed to crucial areas of your mac that may impact performance. The Inspector runs automatically on launch and whenever you manually use the ‘Record’ function in the Inspector View.

    • Analyse and Diagnose: – The History View keeps logs of all the Inspector’s runs and allows you or a technical adviser to analyse and diagnose what changes occurred on your mac. For convenience, you can review all logs, individual logs or just a list of changes.





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