• Chameleon 是一款界面颜色修改工具,能够让我们在Mac电脑上通过菜单栏快速设置系统UI,比如:快速切换深色模式和Light日常模式,快速设置并显示系统显示的配色等。ChamelEon 启动后将驻留在系统上方菜单栏中,随时可以调用。应用搭配简单的界面,以最小的UI使您可以轻松地从菜单栏更改界面,突出显示颜色。

  • Chameleon is a small app that brings these settings to your menu bar, making it much easier to customize your UI at any time. With this app, you can change the interface highlight and accent colors and switch between the Dark and Light UI modes with just one or two clicks.

  • Menu bar app that lets you to change your Mac’s interface accent and highlight colors, as well as switch between Dark and Light mode, with just a couple of clicks


  • 使用方便

    • 右键单击可在“明暗”模式之间切换。单选按钮可以快速有趣地改变颜色
  • 简单的界面

    • 最小的UI使您可以轻松地从菜单栏更改界面,重音和突出显示颜色
  • 小尺寸

    • 变色龙不占用太多空间或动力,但却提供了很多乐趣
  • Easy to Use:

    • Right click to toggle between Light & Dark modes. The radio buttons make changing colors quick and fun
  • Simple Interface:

    • The minimal UI makes it easy to change the interface, accent and highlight colors right from the menu bar
  • Small Size:

    • Chameleon doesn’t take much space or power to run yet provides a ton of fun to use





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