• CoLocalizer 是一款基于像素的定量共定位分析软件。它将其独特的背景校正工具的强大功能与已经建立的算法的实现相结合,以定量估计共定位。CoLocalizer 软件由全球领先的科学实验室利用,并且是该研究领域的事实标准。

  • CoLocalizer Pro is a professional quantitative colocalization analysis software used to obtain new and objective information about proteins and nucleic acids visualized using fluorescence techniques. It combines the power of its unique background correction tools with implementation of the already established algorithms to estimate colocalization quantitatively. CoLocalizer Pro software is used by the leading scientific laboratories worldwide and has become a de factostandard in this field of research.


  • 通过计算专用系数来量化荧光显微镜图像中的共定位。
  • 通过iCloud访问您的图片,并使用Handoff在Mac和iPad之间传递图片。
  • 在图像中纠正背景以确保量化的可靠性。
  • 以专有文件格式打开图像,如LSM,OME.TIFF和其他TIFF。
  • 使用堆栈。
  • 连接到显微镜并将图像从其中导入到CoLocalizer Pro进行分析。
  • 以不同放大倍数和角度观察共定位图像,合并单个通道图像或根据一对通道拆分合并的图像。
  • 以各种文件格式导出计算结果,如Excel,PDF和HTML。
  • 保存已分析图像的版本并在需要时还原为原件。
  • 将结果导出为共定位报告,并将所有系数和图像数据方便地存储在一个位置。

  • Views fluorescence microscopy images with colocalization at different magnifications and angles, merges single channel images into one or splits merged ones according to a pair of channels.

  • Analyzes image stacks.
  • Saves versions of analyzed images.
  • Directly imports images from microscopes of analysis.
  • Corrects background in the images to ensure reliability of quantification.
  • Quantifies colocalization by calculating specialized coefficients.
  • Examines image ROI, scattergram ROI, reveals colocalized or selected pixels, traces pixels of a particular color.
  • Saves calculations data in various file formats, such as Microsoft Excel, Text, PDF, and HTML.
  • Exports results as colocalization reports with all the coefficients and image data stored conveniently in one place.







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