• Pyka 是一款革命性的新项目库应用程序,也是世界上第一个工作中心。专为在基于项目的环境中工作的人员而设计,Pyká 将您的项目库提升到一个全新的水平。当个人或团队从事项目时,会遇到许多挑战和问题。虽然有许多解决方案可以帮助人们管理自己的时间,但几乎没有任何东西可以帮助人们管理他们的项目库和文件……直到今天!。

  • Pyká Project Manager 需要的文件和文件夹在您的硬盘驱动器和乱拉成一个统一的项目库。

  • Pyká Project Manager 对待你的项目像一个家庭树。在 PYKá,你可以保持你的项目有许多不同的版本,你想不复制数据或在您的硬盘驱动器制造混乱的文件夹。PYKá 组织,跟踪,管理,和存储您的项目版本,给群众带来直观的版本控制中的友好和直观的方式第一时间。

  • Pyká Project Manager 让你使用和重用公共资产如商标、电影和图片,只要你愿意多次储存时他们只有一次。这大大降低了库的存储空间。

  • Pyká Project Manager 图书馆可以在一个位置或跨多个可能的配置多个存储卷的存在。这允许拥有大量外部硬盘驱动器的用户将它们的存储空间组合起来,构建一个大型库,以及故障安全备份库。

  • 和所有最好的,Pyká Project Manager 将项目存储系统在搜索。而不是让你记得什么东西在什么地方存储,PYKá 作品的任何信息你记得。所以你所做的一切只需轻轻敲击几下。

  • Pyká is a revolutionary new project library app and the world’s first Work Hub. Designed for people who work in project-based environments, Pyká takes your project library to a whole new level. There are many challenges and problems that arise when individuals or teams work on projects. While many solutions exist to help people manage their time, almost nothing exists to help people manage their project library and files… until today!


  • 使用共享网络存储,Pyká Project Manager 让用户能够收看的项目,而其他用户进行更改。项目经理和协调员现在可以在他们的桌面上实时更新每个队友的变化。
  • 使用共享网络存储,Pyká Project Manager 允许大型团队合作的大型大型项目,通过划分子项目,可以分配给不同的团队成员。无论你是制作大公司的报告,建设一个月刊,创建场景和拍摄大量的电影,或者在其他大型项目,PYKá 不逃避工作。
  • 使用共享网络存储,Pyká Project Manager 也头痛了团队成员之间的传递项目。不要再在邮件链中发送另一个项目 zip 文件。千万不要从团队成员的文件夹中挖掘出你要再次负责的项目。不要再遭受团队成员混乱的后果。合作是在 PYKá 设计的心。
  • 与大多数 SMB 和 AFP 网络文件共享存储卷完全兼容。
  • 这些和许多其他的事情都是 Pyká Project Manager 个人和团队对项目工作的人一个有力的工具。

  • Pyká 保存所有打开的库数据(如库信息,缩略图,搜索数据,打开项目和用户设置)本地在 .pykascratch 文件中,这个文件可以增长

  • 根据 Pyká 正在从事的任务和项目,规模相当大。
  • Pyká 在启动盘上的 Documents 文件夹中保存这个文件,默认情况下。
  • 但有人可能希望将其保存在更大或更快的存储驱动器上。

  • 注意:无论您选择保存此文件的位置,这一点很重要。

  • Pyká 在启动时立即可以访问它。 否则 Pyká 会假定它丢失并在文档文件夹中保存一个新的暂存文件。

  • Features for individuals and teams:
    • Pyká takes the mess of files and folders on your hard drive and pulls them into one unified project library.
    • Pyká treats your projects like a family tree. In Pyká, you can keep as many different versions of your projects as you want without duplicating data or making a mess of folders on your hard drive. Pyká organizes, tracks, manages, and stores your project versions, bringing intuitive version control to the masses for the first time in a friendly and visual way.
    • Pyká lets you use and reuse common assets like logos, movies, and images, as many times as you wish while storing them only once. This dramatically reduces your library’s storage footprint.
    • Pyká libraries can exist in one location or span multiple storage volumes in multiple possible configurations. This allows users who have a large number of external hard drives to combine their storage space to build a large library along with fail-safe backup libraries.
    • And best of all, Pyká orients your project storage system around search. Instead of making you remember exactly where something is stored, Pyká works with any information you do remember. So everything you’ve ever made is only a few keystrokes away.
  • Features for small and large teams:
    • Using shared network storage, Pyká gives users the ability to watch projects while other users make changes. Project managers and coordinators can now get live updates on their desktop every time a teammate makes a change.
    • Using shared network storage, Pyká allows large teams to collaborate on massively large-scale projects by dividing them into sub-projects, that can be assigned to different team members. Whether you’re authoring a large company report, building a monthly magazine, creating a movie with lots of scenes and shots, or working on any other large scale project, Pyká does not shrink from the job.
    • Using shared network storage, Pyká also takes the headache out of passing projects between team members. Never send another project zip file in an email chain again. Never go digging through a team member’s folder to find a project you’re responsible for again. Never suffer the consequences of one team member’s disorganization again. Collaboration is at the heart of Pyká’s design.
    • Fully compatible with most SMB and AFP network file sharing storage volumes.









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