Mia for Gmail(菜单栏上的 Gmail 客户端)



  • Mia for Gmail 是一款菜单栏上的 Gmail 客户端,支持快速收信和写信,支持多帐号登录,可以让你快速地对邮件进行各种不同的操作,而不需要打开网页。

  • Mia for Gmail (was Notifier Pro for Gmail) is a desktop Gmail client which sits politely in your menu bar.

  • Multiple Gmail accounts – Add as many as Gmail accounts as you want. A pleasant notification sound will let you know if you’ve got a new email. It’s up to you to choose any notification sound (from the system sound list).

  • Check, read, compose – Quickly read and compose your emails. You can also mark as spam, archive, or delete an email. Mia for Gmail can be your default email handler. It can manage your attachment files as well. ( The native compose window works for OS X 10.10 Yosemite or later.)

  • 100% Secure – We rely on Gmail’s Auth 2.0 user authentication, passwords are not stored. All connections use IMAP/SSL. This application is available in English, French, German, and Russian.


  • 阅读和撰写您的电子邮件没有浏览器(附件文件)。
  • 快速电子邮件概述(通过您的鼠标在电子邮件)
  • 桌面通知
  • 多帐号支持(升级版)。
  • 快速和轻便
  • 安全:米娅 Gmail 使用 OAuth 2 协议。
  • 作为读、删除、存档或垃圾邮件的应用程序。
  • 暗模式支持。
  • 选择通知声音(在系统声音列表)
  • 选择您的默认浏览器为每个帐户(如果你喜欢读/撰写您的电子邮件从您的浏览器)。






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