Paragon ExtFS(Linux 分区/数据读取工具)


  • Paragon ExtFS 是一款低级文件系统驱动,专为解决Linux和Mac®之间的文件系统不兼容而开发。 extFS 实现OS X下完全读/写访问extFS格式驱动。基于Paragon UFSD™(通用文件系统驱动)技术,此驱动能高速透明访问ext2/3/4FS分区,仿佛它们原本就是存在于Mac操作系统环境中一般,达到史无前例的高水平性能(类似于HFS+)。 Mac OS X程序能无限制访问这些ext2/3/4FS分区,并且可以浏览内容,读且修改文件,创建新文件和文件夹,等等。

  • Paragon ExtFS is a low-level file system driver which was specially developed to bridge file system incompatibility between Linux and Mac®. ExtFS for Mac provides full read/write access to ExtFS formatted drives under OS X.

  • Based on Paragon UFSD™ (Universal File System Driver) technology, this driver provides fast and transparent access to Ext2/3/4FS partitions as if it were part of the native Mac operating system environment, thus achieving an unprecedented high level of performance (similar to HFS+). Mac OS X programs can process these Ext2/3/4FS partitions without any restrictions and can browse contents, read and modify files, copy and create new files and folders, etc.


  • 易于安装使用

    • 通过用户友好的向导该驱动十分易于安装。安装后它将自动装载任何ext2,ext3, ext4 FS驱动,因为这是本地macOS文件系统的一部分。
  • 高性能

    • 您可以在Linux格式分卷中存储并创建大于4GB的文件,且支持完全读写访问,数据转移率与本地Mac OS扩展文件系统相似。
  • HFS+以及extFS高级支持

    • 高级支持 HFS+ 以及extFS文件系统特征保证数据一致性(硬链接,符号链接,等等)
  • 因为专业值得信任

    • Paragon软件集团 自1994年起提供市场认可的值得信赖的解决方案,帮助8百万客户实现了生产力最大化。我们一直关注IT行业,关注其最新动态,为您定期提供产品更新与强化支持。
  • Easy to install and to use

    • The driver is easily installed by a user-friendly wizard. It automounts any Ext2, Ext3, Ext4 FS drives right after installation as if it were part of the native Mac® OS X file system.
  • High Performance

    • You can store and create files larger than 4 GB with full read and write access to Linux-formatted partitions. Data transfer rate is similar to the performance of the native Mac OS Extended file system.
  • Advanced support of HFS+ and ExtFS

    • Advanced support for the HFS+ and ExtFS file system features guarantees data consistency (Hardlinks, Symlinks, etc.)
  • Expertise you can trust

    • The Paragon Software Group has been providing market-proven reliable solutions since 1994, helping 8 million customers achieve maximum productivity. We keep an eye on the IT industry, its news and trends and regularly supply you with product updates and enhancements.





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