AirRadar(WiFi 无线网络扫描检测软件)


  • AirRadar 是知您网搜集到的Mac os系统上一款专业化的wifi网络信息检测工具,能够帮助我们轻松搜寻附近的WiFi网络i站点,并将相关详细信息回馈回来的软件:WiFi的来源通道,信号强度,功率,路由器,MAC地址等相关信息,可以让你扫描开放网络并作为收藏标记,能够查看详细的网络信息,网络信号强度图,并自动加入开放式网络中。无论你是驾车寻找无线网络,或坐在户外草地上,或你想知道家里无线信号有多强。

  • With AirRadar, scanning for wireless networks is now easier and more personalized!


  • AirRadar是一款轻松搜寻附近的WiFi网络站点,并将相关详细信息回馈回来的软件。

  • AirRadar可以提供WiFi的来源通道,信号强度,功率,路由器,MAC地址等等相关信息。你可能会说AirPort也可以做到这一点,但是打赌AirRadar所提供的相关信息会更详细。

  • AirRadar可以通过Growl来检测新网络,并与之连接。如果你出门在外却突然急需网络,那么AirRadar将会是你搜索WiFi的得力助手。

  • 它可让您扫描开放的网络并标记它们作为收藏或过滤的条件,可以查看详细的网络信息,图形网络信号强度,并自动加入最好的开放式网络在范围内。

  • 扫描无线网络,现在更方便,更个性化!

  • AirRadar allows you to scan for open networks and tag them as favourites or filter them out. View detailed network information, graph network signal strength, and automatically join the best open network in range.

  • Whether you are driving around looking for wireless networks, stuck in traffic, sitting on the beach, or if you are curious how strong your wireless signal is at home, AirRadar provides a more linear approach to network hunting. Setup a scan frequency, and have new open or closed networks have their name spoken, play alerts, or display notifications.

  • Various other options allow you to customize your network list further, including assigning colors to best open networks and sound cues. Download it today, and take the hardship out of getting an Internet connection at a critical time.





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