Planner Studio(多用户日历工具)



  • Planner Studio 是一款用于多用户平台的日历管理软件。Planner Studio 允许您一次管理多个日历,通过按每个用户划分,以控制一切。

  • 您可以在同一个数据库上连接更多Planner Studio工作站,以便与其他工作站的其他用户共享日历。Planner Studio真的很灵活,可以应用于无数种类型的工作,适应每一种需要。

  • Planner Studio is multi-platform calendar-management app which allows you to manage multiple calendars at once by dividing them per user, keeping everything under control. You can connect more Planner Studio workstations on the same database so you can share calendars with other users of other workstations.

  • Planner Studio is really very flexible and can be applied to an infinite number of types of work, adaptable to every need.


  • 多日历
  • 用户管理(个人数据,密码,类型,颜色和图像)
  • 输入数据(时间,持续时间,颜色,重复)
  • 与其他计算机共享日历
  • 客户管理(主数据和图像)
  • 供应商管理(主数据和图像)
  • 能够连接客户或供应商的数据
  • 位置数据库管理,备份和恢复
  • 清理用户数据
  • 清理数据库数据
  • 打印日历数据
  • 打印客户列表
  • 打印提供商列表
  • 管理用户活动
  • 向客户或供应商发送电子邮件以提醒活动
  • 向用户发送电子邮件以提醒活动
  • Multi calendar
  • User management (personal data, passwords, type, colors and images)
  • Entering appointments (time, duration, color, recurrence)
  • Share calendars with other computers
  • Customer management (master data and images)
  • Supplier management (master data and images)
  • Ability to connect customers or suppliers to appointments
  • Location database management, backup, and restore
  • Clean user appointments
  • Cleaning database appointments
  • Print calendar appointments
  • Print customer list
  • Print providers list
  • Manage users activity
  • Send email to customers or suppliers to remind the event
  • Send email to users to remind the event













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