Bear(熊掌记 优秀的笔记及写作软件)



  • Bear 是一款广受好评的高颜值写作软件,你可以使用 Bear 轻松写作笔记和文章,还可以帮你可统计字数和阅读时间,Bear 支持标记、导出等功能,非常的好用。

  • Bear 是一个灵活的书写应用程序,用于制作笔记和散文。链接注释来建立一个工作。使用主题标签来组织您的想法。然而,所有笔记都以简单便携的文本存储。熊是完美的从快速笔记,代码片段到深入散文的一切。

  • 焦点模式有助于您集中精力,高级 Markdown 和其他标记选项是在线作家的最佳朋友。全面的在线图像支持将您的写作带入生活,并通过向个人笔记添加 todos 来保持自己的任务。熊可以立即搜索您的所有笔记,但也可以专注于搜索触发器的特定内容。使用 @task 找到所有的 todos,@tagged “想法”来找到正在等待开花的笔记,或者 @files 找到所有带有附件的笔记。

  • Bear is a flexible writing app for crafting notes and prose. Link notes to each other to build a body of work. Use hashtags to organize for the way you think. And yet, all notes are stored in plain, portable text. Bear is perfect for everything from quick notes, to code snippets, to in-depth essays.

  • A focus mode helps you concentrate, and advanced Markdown and other markup options are an online writer’s best friend. Full in-line image support brings your writing to life, and keep yourself on task by adding todos to individual notes. Bear can instantly search all your notes, but it can also focus on specific things with Search Triggers. Use @task to find all your todos, @tagged “ideas” to find your notes that are waiting to blossom, or @files to find all notes with attachments.


  • 丰富的预览在写作时,所以你看散文,而不是代码。
  • 在线支持图像和照片。
  • 高级标记编辑器,支持并突出显示 20 种编程语言。
  • 使用交叉注释链接构建一个工作,快速引用其他注释等。
  • 快速添加 todos 到个别笔记,以保持自己的任务。
  • 多种导出选项,包括 HTML,PDF,DOCX,MD,JPG 等。
  • 智能数据识别元素,如链接,电子邮件,地址,颜色等等。
  • Hashtags 快速找到并组织笔记,但您喜欢。
  • 在 iPhone 和 iPad 上使用自定义快捷键进行一键式格式化。
  • 焦点模式在重要时隐藏笔记和其他选项。
  • 您的所有笔记都以纯文本格式存储,以实现最终的便携性。
  • 通过 iCloud 实现轻松,安全和私有的多设备同步。
  • 定期更新以保持您和您的写作最新。

  • Rich previews while writing so you see prose, not code.

  • In-line support for images and photos.
  • Advanced Markup Editor that supports and highlights over 20 programming languages.
  • Use Cross-Note Links to build a body of work, quickly reference other notes, and more.
  • Quickly add todos to individual notes to keep yourself on task.
  • Multiple export options including HTML, PDF, DOCX, MD, JPG, and more.
  • Smart Data Recognition of elements like links, emails, addresses, colors, and more to come.
  • Hashtags to quickly find and organize notes however you like.
  • One-tap formatting on iPhone and iPad with a custom shortcut bar.
  • Focus Mode hides notes and other options when it matters.
  • All your notes are stored in plain text for the ultimate in portability.
  • Effortless, secure, and private multi-device sync via iCloud.
  • Regular updates to keep you and your writing current.









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