• DEVONnote 是一款实用的笔记软件,毫不费力地收集所有的笔记,想法,思想到一个地方。采取新的票据,只需一个按键,除将其拖动到 DEVONnote 启发的网页书签,或使用服务菜单捕捉有趣的段落。 DEVONnote 在后台运行,让您继续与任何令人兴奋的任务。

  • DEVONnote is an easy-to-use, intelligent note pad capable of storing and organising plain or rich texts and file aliases. Store and manage your bookmarks in DEVONnote too, browse the Web using the integrated browser based on Apple’s WebKit, capture interesting notes immediately or organize webcams. Furthermore, DEVONnote helps you sort in new stuff and supports cross and Wiki-style links.

  • Collect all your notes, ideas, thoughts effortlessly in one place. Take new notes with a single keystroke, save bookmarks for inspiring webpages by dragging them to DEVONnote, or capture interesting paragraphs using the Services menu. DEVONnote keeps in the background and lets you continue with whatever exciting task you are just engaged.

  • Store your notes and bookmarks in the self-contained database. Clip data from other apps with just a keystroke, adding it to the GTD-like inbox for later filing, or take notes with the Take Note panel. Drag-and-drop and the Services menu integrate DEVONnote seamlessly with your workflow.







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