PhotoNinja(高品质 RAW 转换器)


  • PhotoNinja 是一款专业级的RAW转换器,提供卓越的细节,出色的图像质量和独特的自然外观。如果你认为这是“只是另一个RAW转换器”,你会惊喜。照片忍者是真正特别的,具有改进和优化您的数字图像的独特功能。点击下面的项目了解更多关于这个强大的工具,并阅读为什么严重的摄影师正在采用它们的工作流程。

  • PhotoNinja (formerly Noise Ninja) is a professional-grade raw converter and image editor that gives you powerful new tools to get the best possible results from your digital camera. Built from the ground up with world-class image processing technology, it delivers exceptional image quality, quickly and easily.


  • 自适应照明

    • 照片忍者的智能照明控制可以减轻阴影,克服逆光,并驯服过度对比,自然,无伪影的结果。
  • 细节增强

    • 我们独一无二的局部对比度调整使得细节“流行”而没有光晕伪影。它也可以反转以获得很好的平滑效果。
  • 突出恢复

    • 世界一流的技术可以挽救许多曝光过度的图像,令人信服地恢复高光溢出区域。
  • 噪音忍者® 4

    • Photo Ninja降噪技术采用了我们最新一代备受好评的Noise Ninja技术。
  • 颜色增强

    • 改善肤色,增强叶面,加深天空,并通过色调选择性颜色增强功能创建自己的颜色“外观”。
  • 黑色和白色加工

    • 快速方便地创建单色和分色调图像,灵活控制音调解释。
  • 色差校正

    • 在去马赛克之前自动分析和消除复杂的横向色差,并获得出色的结果。
  • 色彩校正

    • 只需单击一下即可平衡中性。通过现场照明配置文件实现一致的色彩。
  • 失真校正

    • 修复梯形失真并纠正复杂的镜头失真。
  • 先进的去马赛克

    • 对于弱抗锯齿滤镜的相机,Photo Ninja可以减少迷宫伪影和云纹图案。
  • 即开即用的浏览器

    • 使用Photo Ninja简化的集成浏览器,快速轻松地浏览图像集。
  • Detail is crisp and impressive, and images have a uniquely pleasing and realistic look.

  • Includes all-new Noise Ninja 3.0 noise reduction filter with improved noise suppression and better preservation of detail.
  • Best-of-breed tools quickly and easily tame highlights, extract detail from shadows, overcome backlighting, and even out excessive contrast — all with natural-looking results.
  • One-of-a-kind detail enhancement reveals latent detail and adds drama to your images without the usual halo artifacts.
  • Amazing highlight recovery convincingly repairs many overexposed images.
  • Built-in color styles help you get pleasing color quickly and easily, with carefully chosen treatments for skin and other key hues.
  • Optimized for RAW, but can also achieve impressive results with JPEG and TIFF.
  • Simple and fast “point-and-go” browser lets you access your image collection directly. No need to import into a catalog or library.
  • Can be used standalone or as a companion for other platforms like Photo Mechanic, Lightroom, and Aperture.






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