• Fenetre 是一款可以帮助我们将任意窗口指定显示在桌面上的工具,我们可以打开一个视频、网页、程序、文件等类型的窗口,调整到合适的大小,然后将其在桌面上置顶显示。

  • Fenêtre lets you visualize a video, a picture, a flat file or a website. Feel free to watch the latest episode on Netflix while working on your paper. Keep an eye on some documentation while working on your latest library. Have a reference design open while working on you’re amazing website. The window will stay on top of the rest. Amazing features will keep you focused on your main activity without getting in the way.


  • 通过鼠标惊人的透明面具。
  • 允许您在必要时单击窗口。
  • 与剪贴板进行互动。
  • [精简版]浏览时直接浏览浏览器扩展程序(Chrome 或 Firefox)直接打开链接或当前网址。
  • 控制窗口的不透明度。
  • [Lite 也]在特定网站(Youtube,Netflix,Twitch,GitHub,…)获得了令人难以置信的精致体验。
  • 预览文件拨号。
  • 折叠窗户,完全避开。
  • 使用设置和热键自定义您的体验。
  • 跟踪您打开的东西。
  • 打开尽可能多的窗口,如您所愿。

  • Amazing See Through mask following your mouse.

  • Lets you Click Through the window when needed.
  • Interact with your clipboard.
  • [Lite too] Get the browser extension (Chrome or Firefox) to open a link or the current url directly while browsing.
  • Control the opacity of your window.
  • [Lite too] Get an amazing refined experience on specific websites (Youtube, Netflix, Twitch, GitHub, …).
  • Preview markdown files.
  • Collapse the window to keep it completely out of the way.
  • Customize your experience with settings and hotkeys.
  • Keep a history of what you’ve opened.
  • Open as many windows as you’d like.









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