• Vinoteka 是一款酒窖管理工具,能够给我们提供最全面的酒窖管理功能,提供了一个独特而华丽的界面,可以详细的显示瓶、地窖、葡萄酒、冰箱和口味等各个方面的具体数据,方便您管理酒窖里的存酒,重新创建地窖或葡萄酒的冰箱,保存品酒笔记,添加食物和酒的搭配。

  • Vinoteka has been and remains THE number one wine cellar management software for wine lovers and Mac users. With a gorgeous interface, this state-of art app will help you manage, monitor and taste your wine collection. Simple, fun, elegant, easy to use and very intuitive, Vinoteka offers a fantastic and realistic environment to manage your references and tasting notes, your bottles, recreate your cellar or wine fridges thanks to the Wall Builder. All new and existing powerful features of Vinoteka provide users with the most advanced technology in terms of wine management.


  • Vinoteka also features the complete sync with the iPhone/iPad application Vinoteka Touch (with one or several devices), synchronize both applications via WIFI and transfer data to your iPhone/iPad in a few clicks. Easy, secure, carry your cellar in your pocket, have a look at it and modify it everywhere, any time.

  • IMPORTANT: Vinoteka synchronizes only with one or several Vinoteka Touch. The synchronization between several Vinoteka Macs (several computers) is not yet possible and will be available soon.









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