• PrintLife 是一款优秀版面设计软件,内置了 1000 多个精美专业的封面版面设计模板,能够让设计师快速的设计出专业的封面、贺卡、邀请卡等,并且无缝集成了 iPhoto、Aperture 等软件,可以免费下载价值 500 多美元的素材模板,简单易用,非常的不错。

  • PrintLife is the fastest, easiest way to design and print everything!

  • Throw away the cheesy clip art and clumsy design software of yesteryear. Toss aside those corny templates that were too embarrassing to actually use. Welcome to PrintLife, the modern app for designing and printing almost anything: labels, greeting cards, certificates, envelopes, fax covers, invitations, collages, business cards, flyers, posters, photo pages, and more.


  • 1、PrintLife 是一款最快也最易用于设计和打印一切的专业软件,能设计卡片、传真封面、请柬,任何你想要带有设计的东西。
  • 2、PrintLife 是一款最快也最易用于设计和打印一切的专业软件!
  • 3、扔掉俗气的剪贴画和昔日的笨拙的设计软件。折腾抛开那些陈词滥调的模板,太尴尬实际使用。

  • Projects: PrintLife has a project for every occasion

  • Artwork: An amazing collection of artwork is included for free
  • Templates: Start with a template or create your own design
  • Variety: Use a different design for each label on the page
  • Commercial: Support for Avery marketing labels
  • Vector Shapes: 9 New shapes and the ability to mirror Bezier shapes
  • Effects: Apply special effects to text & shapes and create QR codes
  • Flexibility: Support for Avery greeting cards and other label types









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