• Flare 是一款轻量级图片处理工具,能够为知友们提供轻量级的图片处理功能,使得大家的图片素材能够在短时间内进行各类编辑,例如滤镜处理,炫光效果等内容。这款软件还能够帮助知友们进行简单的格式转换和图片分享功能,能够帮助知友们节省图形处理的工作效率。

  • Flare 在Mac App Store中荣获2014年度最佳产品,具有改进的工作流程,优胜美地的新用户界面,精选的效果集(每月更新)以及iCloud支持,因此您可以随身携带喜爱的效果!

  • With Flare, effortlessly add effects and textures to your photos. Choose from a variety of Flare’s built-in Effects or create your own using dozens of individual photographic filters. Easy to learn for casual hobbyists, Flare also has the flexibility professional photographers need.

  • When you download Flare Effects, available for FREE on iOS 8, your custom built desktop effects from Flare 2 will sync automatically onto your mobile devices instantly.

* Over 30 built-in Effects spanning a wide range of photographic effects and styles
* Create custom effects using over 100+ effects including textures, frames, borders, and more
  • Filters: Exposure, Midtone Brightness, Saturation, Brightness, Contrast, Tint, Duotone, Color Filter, Color Gradient, Black-and-White, Cross Processing

  • Lens Effects: Gaussian Blur, Motion Blur, Zoom Blur, Sharpen, Glow, Vignette

  • Creative Effects: Grain, Texture, Lightleak, Frame, Border, Rounded Edges, Barrel Distortion, Rotation, Halftone, Pixellate, Scanlines


  • Flare 中的新摄影滤镜:

    • 倾斜移位,散景环,纸张,高光和阴影,饱和度和鲜艳度,色偏,Van Zesen,Vintage Chrome,Vintage Fade,Vintage Instant,Vintage Process,Vintage Transfer,Vintage Mono和Vintage黑色。
  • 屡获殊荣的Flare应用程序中您熟悉和喜爱的滤镜:

    • 曝光,中间色调亮度,饱和度,亮度,对比度,色调,双色调,彩色滤镜,颜色渐变,黑白,交叉处理,
    • 高斯模糊,运动模糊,缩放模糊,锐化,发光,晕影,
    • 颗粒,纹理,漏光,帧,边框,圆角,镜筒失真,旋转,半色调,像素化,扫描线。
  • 眩光2个功能:

    • 简单编辑-快速轻松地调整效果
    • 高级编辑-通过实时预览微调效果
    • 快照-临时保存编辑以供以后使用
    • 高质量的纹理,边框和框架
    • 批处理-轻松地将效果应用于一组图像•明暗。
  • 界面主题:

    • 无限撤消
    • 易于与iPhoto,Aperture,Photoshop和Lightroom一起使用
    • 支持RAW格式以导入照片
    • 裁剪和旋转使您可以轻松调整源图像
    • 以JPEG,PNG和TIFF格式导出照片
    • 在社交网络上或通过e分享您的创作邮件
  • Edit – Fine tune effects via live preview

  • Snapshot – Temporarily save edits as a Snapshot for later use
  • High quality Textures, Borders, and Frames
  • Unlimited Undos
  • Drag and drop images from iPhoto, Aperture, Photoshop, and Lightroom
  • RAW format supported for importing photos
    • Crop and rotate images quickly and easily
  • Export photos in JPEG, PNG, and TIFF formats
  • Share creations on social networks
  • Online user guide









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