Dr. OS Disk Cleaner(磁盘清理工具)


  • Dr. OS Disk Cleaner 是一款系统优化清理工具,主要用于磁盘的清理操作,清理电脑碎片、应用程序缓存、应用程序日志、iTunes 垃圾文件、邮件附件、浏览器垃圾文件、下载文件等,使用 Dr. OS Disk Cleaner 一键清理。

  • Clean, optimize, and maintain your Mac. Just two click to scan your system and removes gigabytes of junk.


  • 磁盘清理

    • 快速扫描引擎和先进的垃圾邮件检测技术可以安全地清理不必要的垃圾文件,缓存和日志等,它们在您的硬盘驱动器空间中徘徊,并将您的Mac种子暴露在垃圾箱中。它可以有效地保持您的Mac安全和快速。包含:
      • 应用程序缓存
      • 应用程序日志
      • iTunes垃圾文件
      • 邮件附件
      • 浏览器垃圾文件
      • 垃圾箱
      • 下载
      • 重复查找(在应用程序购买)
      • 大和旧文件
      • 实用程序
      • 活动监视器
      • 磁盘工具
      • 迁移助理
      • 扩展
      • 系统信息
      • 仪表板
      • 升级到Pro,IAP•
      • 解锁删除重复文件的限制
      • 解锁删除垃圾文件的限制
      • 删除所有广告
  • Disk Clean (In App Purchase)

    • Fast scan-engine and advanced junk detection technology safely cleans unnecessary junk files, caches and logs, etc that gorge over your hard drive space and rage your Mac seed down into the dumps. It can effectively keep your Mac security and fast. Including:
      • Application Cache
      • Application Log
      • iTunes Junk files
      • Mail Attachments
      • Browser Junk files
      • Trash Bins
      • Downloads
  • Duplicate Finder (In App Purchase)

    • Fast scan-engine and SHA-1 Checksum algorithmn. Locate and remove duplicate files, even if they are in remote corners of your system(such as iPhoto and iTunes Library). Duplicate Finder scans your whole hard drive, no matter how many files are the on your Mac. Dig through scan results and hand-pick the files to erase, or better – let Smart Select do all the work.
    • Never worry about losing files by mistake. It makes things simple, moves duplicate files to the Trash and lets you bring them back in one-click.
  • Large & Old Files

    • Whether you’re feeling the pinch as hard drive space runs low or you’re just wondering where all your disk space went, it is easy to find and remove these forgotten files include old movies, archives and music, but could honestly be anything that is hogging space on your Mac by using Large & Old Files Finder. When you really need more space, load up large & Old Files and weight your options.
  • Utilities

    • Can there be a place from where you can monitor your Mac and manage all its utilities? Utilities module helps you enjoy all you important Mac functions and everything you want to do with them. Including:
      • Activity Monitor
      • Disk Utility
      • Migration Assistant
      • Extensions
      • System Information
  • Dashboard

    • Monitor your hard drive and memory usage, and free up RAM. Dashboard lets you see how your Mac is performing in real-time to help you use your Mac better. Just a click to free up memory to improve the speed of your Mac.








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