• iCollections 是一款桌面图标及文件整理工具,iCollections 可以帮助我们整理Mac电脑的桌面上的图片及文件,根据个人实际使用需求将桌面图片及文件分类分区域整理,让桌面瞬间整洁并且满满的逼格,效果不禁让我想起了 Windows 下的 Fences 这款软件。

  • iCollections 是一个专门设计的应用程序,可以帮助您保持桌面的组织。该应用程序的独特功能是使其成为Mac用户最受欢迎的桌面组织方法。iCollections可让您创建桌面上可以放置图标的区域。这有助于将相关项目保存在一起,以便您的文件(图片,文档,截图,应用程序等)保持组织。选择相框时,将在桌面创建相框。相框将以幻灯片形式显示您的图片集合,例如。每天都有新的照片。选择您的图片文件夹并回忆美妙的回忆。使用“视图设置”定义幻灯片:窗口设计和要显示的细节。您还可以创建静态图片 - 只需选择一个图片而不是一个文件夹。快捷方便!

  • iCollections is an expertly designed application which helps you keep your desktop organized. The app’s unique features are what make it one of the most popular methods of desktop organization for Mac users.


  • iCollections可让用户在桌面上看到他们的图像 - 即使是幻灯片形式。每个收藏和相框可以定制,包括风格和颜色,以适应用户的喜好,为Mac用户提供一个有趣的个性化方式,使他们的桌面更自己的。
  • 从主菜单中选择相框,在桌面上创建相框。相框将以幻灯片形式显示您的图片集合,例如。每天都有新的照片。只需选择您的照片文件夹或照片©应用程序专辑,并重新审视您最美好的时刻。
  • 在桌面 - Facebook,YouTube,Twitter,新闻或任何其他选项上显示您最喜欢的网站。
  • iCollections不仅提供了一种在桌面上充分存储文件和文件夹的方式,而且还提供了一种通过提供精简桌面来增加任务和时间管理效率的方法,其中的所有内容都是超级组织的。

  • iCollections lets you create areas on your desktop so you can sort and arrange your icons. This helps you keep related items together so your files (pictures, documents, screenshot, applications, etc.) are organized and easy to find. iCollections fully supports Retina display.

  • iCollections lets users see their images – even in slideshow form – right on their desktop. Each Collection and Photo Frame can be customized, including style and color, to suit the user’s preferences, offering a fun, personalized way for Mac users to make their desktop more of their own.
  • Select Photo Frame from the main menu to create a picture frame on the desktop. The Photo Frame will display a collection of your pictures as a slide show (e.g., new picture every day). Just select your pictures folder or Photoshop app album and revisit your most wonderful moments.
  • Not only does iCollections offer a way to vibrantly store files and folders on the desktop, but it also offers a way to increase task and time management effectiveness by offering a streamlined desktop where everything is ultra-organized.









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