• DiskKeeper 是一款磁盘空间清理工具,它可以帮你找出磁盘中没用的文件,然后进行清理,还可以帮你对软件进行干净的卸载,还可以帮你查找出硬盘中的大体积文件。

  • Diskeeper Pro 是一款磁盘碎片整理工具。能整理加密文件和压缩的文件,可自动分析磁盘文件系统,安全、快速和最佳效能状态下整理。

  • With DiskKeeper, you can clean up your computer, find big files, remove useless languages and rename your file collections.

  • DiskKeeper Pro, the successor to DiskKeeper, is our most advanced cleaner yet.


  • DiskKeeper Pro拥有一个可选的自动清理功能将触发每次达到预设垃圾大小阈值时间。还支持通知您已自动清理垃圾的大小可选的通知中心报告。
  • 先进且易于使用的集成卸载程序。只是删除或移动应用程序废纸篓,并DiskKeeper Pro将完全卸载并删除其所有的剩菜。
  • DiskKeeper Pro有一个特殊的“让我清洁”模式。在这种模式下,它会留在你的菜单栏,随时准备消除任何类型的快速清洗的垃圾。一个国家的最先进的以惊人的用户体验,先进的清洁剂。

  • 从菜单栏启动快速清洁

    • 应用程序缓存和垃圾数据
    • 浏览器缓存和垃圾(Safari浏览器,火狐,Chrome)
    • 用户登录(让你的保护和垃圾免费)
    • 电子邮件缓存
    • 垃圾箱
    • 附加功能
  • DiskKeeper is a set of tools that will help you:

    • Clean your junk, log, cache files with ease in order to boost your computer and free up disk space
    • Uninstall apps completely including their leftovers
    • Find and remove big files that you no longer need
    • Rename file collections (add suffix, prefix, replace words, find by criteria) Cleanup utility Advanced cleanup algorithm cleans gigabytes of junk with a click of a button. Graphical pie chart displays the state of your Mac as well as how much free space is going to be available if a cleanup is performed (called “free space after”). The information is also displayed in percentage and MB/GB units.
  • Primary Cleanup Features

    • Launch Quick Clean from the menu bar
    • Applications cache and junk data
    • Browsers cache and junk (Safari, Firefox, Chrome)
    • User logs (keeping you protected and junk free)
    • Email cache
    • Trash can
  • Additional Features

    • DiskKeeper Pro has an optional auto cleanup feature that will trigger every time a preset junk size threshold is reached. Also supports optional Notification Center reports that informs you of size of the junk that has been auto cleaned.
    • Advanced yet easy-to-use integrated uninstaller. Just delete or move an app to the Trash and DiskKeeper Pro will uninstall it completely and remove all its leftovers.
    • DiskKeeper Pro has a special “Keep Me Clean” mode. In this mode it will remain in your menu bar, ready to remove any kind of quickly cleanable junk. A state-of-the-art advanced cleaner with an amazing user experience.











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