Text Scanner(超快速 OCR 文字识别)



  • Text Scanner 是一款非常好用的 ocr 文字识别工具,识别图片上文字信息只需几秒,包含文字识别、卡证照识别,支持十多个语种专项识别,非常实用。

  • A text information tool for identifying pictures, which mainly includes text recognition, form recognition, card identification, and supports more than ten language special recognition.


  • 1、场景功能

    • 文字识别,识别图片上的文字
    • 二维码识别
    • 手写体识别
    • 身份证识别
    • 名片识别
    • 银行卡识别
    • 驾驶证识别
    • 营业执照识别
    • 增值税发票
    • 表格识别
  • 2、精准识别

    • 自动精准识别图片,提供多种场景下精准的图像文字识别技术,让您能看图识字,提取想要的内容,提升输入效率,节省宝贵的时间。
  • 3、语种识别

    • 支持中文、英语、法语、德语、日语、韩语、泰语、俄语、意大利语、葡萄牙语、西班牙语 等十多个语种专项识别,基本全球化。
  • Introduction
    Text Scanner – is a powerful image scanning tool based on AI’s leading deep learning algorithm that uses optical character recognition technology to convert text content directly into editable text.

  • Scene function

    • Text recognition, identifying the text on the image
    • QR code recognition
    • Handwriting recognition
    • ID card identification
    • Business card recognition
    • Bank card identification
    • Driver’s license identification
    • Business license identification
    • VAT invoice
    • Form identification
  • Accurate identification

    • Automatically and accurately identify images, providing accurate image recognition technology in a variety of scenarios, allowing you to view literacy, extract desired content, improve input efficiency, and save valuable time.
  • Language recognition

    • Supports Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and other special recognitions in more than ten languages, basically globalized.









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