File Sumo(大文件扫描和清理工具)


  • File Sumo 是一款文件管理软件。该软件有非常完善的搜索逻辑和算法来保证瞬间识别大文件,可以帮助你快速的发现并清理你的Mac磁盘里的大文件、整理文件,想要让您的 Mac 磁盘干净,就来下载 FileSumo 吧!

  • File Sumo is an awesome utility app which helps you to discover and handle huge files that are cluttering and slowing down your Mac in just a few seconds.


  • Find Top 10 / 50 /100 Huge Files – FileSumo provides the list of top 10/50/100 huge files and their sizes along with the options to view each file in finder, add the file to an exception list or delete the file directly from the app.
  • Find Huge Files in Seconds – FileSumo searches for huge files in your Mac within seconds. The app has very finetuned search logics and algorithms to ensure that identify the huge files instantly.
  • Search Whole Mac or a Specific Folder or an External Drive – FileSumo provides the option to search for top huge files in the whole Mac or within a selected folder or an external drive. Easily toggle between both the modes in a single click.
  • Exception to Important Files – FileSumo provides an option to ignore a huge file in the top 100 list and add it to a exception list. You can access the exception file list anytime to remove the exception.
  • View in Finder or Instant Delete – FileSumo provides the option to view any huge file in the list in the finder for review or delete the file permanently from within the app itself.
  • Filter Huge Files by Category – The app also provides the ability to easily filter the huge files by type. The current categories available are Music, Video, Image, App, Zip and Others.
  • Launch on Start – You can configure the FileSumo app to launch on start so that the app is launched automatically everytime the system starts is ready in the menubar.









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