• LuLu 是一款实用防火墙工具,它的目标很简单:阻止任何未知的有风险的传出连接,除非用户批准。虽然它旨在通过标记未经授权的网络连接来一般性地检测恶意软件,但 LuLu 还可用于阻止 macOS 组件或第三方应用程序将信息传输到远程服务器。

  • LuLu is the free, shared-source firewall for macOS. It’s goal is simple; block any unknown outgoing connections, until approved by the user. While it was designed to generically detect malware by flagging unauthorized networking connections, LuLu can also be used to block OS components or 3rd-party applications from transmitting information to remote servers.


  • 保护

    • LuLu旨在在您尝试进行未经授权的网络连接时向您发出警报。这样,它通常可以检测到恶意软件,或用于阻止可能将私有数据传输到远程服务器的合法应用程序。
  • 企业友好

    • 是否想知道正在检测到哪些网络事件?或您的用户添加的规则?LuLu提供了订阅此类事件的简单机制,并以开放,易于消化的方式存储数据(例如规则)。
  • 规则

    • 当前,LuLu仅在“进程级别”支持规则,这意味着允许某个进程(或应用程序)连接到网络或不连接到网络。与其他防火墙一样,这也意味着,如果恶意代码滥用了合法的(允许的)进程来执行网络操作,则将允许这样做。
  • 自卫

    • 合法的攻击者/安全专家知道,即使有针对性的安全工具,也可以轻易绕开-即使该工具采用了先进的自卫机制。这种自卫机制实施起来往往很复杂,最后几乎总是徒劳的。因此,LuLu通过设计(当前)实现了很少的自卫机制。例如,攻击者可能会枚举所有正在运行的进程,以找到负责显示警报的LuLu组件并将其终止(通过sigkill)。
  • 简单

    • “做一件事,做好吧!” LuLu的设计尽可能简单。当然,这意味着可能无法使用复杂的功能,但这也意味着它更易于使用且攻击面更小!
  • 网络监视

    • 根据设计,LuLu仅监视传出网络连接。Apple的内置防火墙在阻止未经授权的传入连接方面做得很好。
  • 单用户

    • 目前,只能为单用户安装LuLu。将来的版本可能会允许多个用户将其安装在同一系统上。
  • 100% free

    • As in no ads, no time trials, no missing features. Because why not!?
    • And no, it doesn’t track, monitor, or spy on you - as that’d just be pure evil!
  • shared source

    • The full source code for LuLu is available on GitHub. Such transparency allows anybody to audit its code, or understand exactly what is going on.
  • protects

    • LuLu aims to alert you whenever an unauthorized network connection is attempted. As such, it can generically detect malware, or be used to block legitimate applications that may be transmitting private data to remote servers.
  • simple

    • “Do one thing, do it well!” LuLu is designed as simply as possible. Sure this means complex features may not be available, but it also means it’s easier to use and has a smaller attack surface!
  • enterprise friendly

    • Want to know what network events are being detected? Or rules your users have added? LuLu provides simple mechanisms to subscribe to such events, and stores data such as rules in an open, easily digestible manner.
  • Network Monitoring

    • By design, LuLu only monitors for outgoing network connections. Apple’s built in firewall does a great job blocking unauthorized incoming connections.
  • Rules

    • Currently, LuLu only supports rules at the ‘process level’, meaning a process (or application) is either allowed to connect to the network or not. As is the case with other firewalls, this also means that if a legitimate (allowed) process is abused by malicious code to perform network actions, this will be allowed.
  • Single User

    • For now, LuLu can only be installed for a single user. Future versions will likely allow it to be installed by multiple users on the same system.
  • Self-Defense

    • Legitimate attackers/security professionals know that any security tool can be trivially bypassed if specifically targeted - even if the tool employs advanced self-defense mechanisms. Such self-defense mechanisms are often complex to implement and in the end, almost always futile. As such, by design LuLu (currently) implements few self-defense mechanisms. For example, an attacker could enumerate all running processes to find the LuLu component responsible for displaying alerts and terminate it (via a sigkill).





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