Radio Silence(防火墙安全软件)


  • Radio Silence 是一款防火墙安全软件,是给那些没有任何网络技术基础的用户设计的一款“傻瓜”应用层防火墙工具,用户只需添加一下要禁止入网的应用程序即可继续安心上网,就像它的名字一样。

  • “Radio Silence”很安静,你不用担心她会弹出什么“已阻挡xxx程序运行”等之类的警告窗口,也不需要你去配置什么参数、无声、无感、纯后台运行。

  • Radio Silence is an outbound application firewall that lets you block Internet access from individual apps.


  • Radio Silence可以让你保持应用程序的列表,不允许上网。
  • 保护您的隐私
  • 防止应用程序打电话
  • 节省带宽和数据费用
  • Radio Silence是完全看不见
  • 自动防火墙,负载在启动时不需要注意或屏幕空间。
  • 没有烦人的弹出窗口
  • 在你的状态栏没有杂项
  • 不会影响你的Mac的性能

  • 100% Annoyance-free:Radio Silence respects your concentration. That is why it will never interrupt you with pop-up windows or alerts.

  • Zero Maintenance:Once Radio Silence is installed, you can forget all about it. It is always on and needs no attention from you.
  • Tiny and Fast:Radio Silence weighs next to nothing. It doesn’t waste any time or resources, which also makes it blazingly fast.
  • Usable by Anyone:You don’t have to be a network expert to use Radio Silence. It takes care of all the technical details for you.






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