Disk Diet(磁盘瘦身清理软件)


  • Disk Diet 是一款磁盘瘦身工具,其实 Mac 也和 Windows 一样,使用一段时间也会磁盘臃肿,各种零七八碎的临时、缓存文件。好多对计算机不是很精通的用户都无法有效的清理出哪些可以删除,这种时候,就靠磁盘整理工具来帮你忙啦!

  • Trust Disk Diet to safely and easily clean your Mac. Ever had your Mac almost (or completely) run out of disk space? If so, you’ve probably also tried to find out what’s taking up so much space and how to get rid of junk. Sometimes this is easy, although most of the time a lot of the files that are hogging your Mac of much needed space can be tricky to find and remove safely.


  • 从应用程序中删除无用的语言翻译。
  • 清除缓存。
  • 清除下载文件夹。
  • 清除邮件下载文件夹。
  • 清除旧日志文件。
  • 清除旧的iOS软件更新。
  • 通过可选的应用内选项清除旧开发者文件夹。
  • 清空回收站。
  • 可随意选择要瘦身的磁盘,包括外接磁盘和USB磁盘。

  • Removes unused language translations from applications.

  • Cleans up caches.
  • Cleans out the downloads folder.
  • Cleans out old iOS software updates.
  • Cleans out the mail downloads folder.
  • Cleans out old logs.
  • Cleans out old developer folders.
  • Empties the iPhoto trash.
  • Empties the trash.
  • Choose which drive to put on a diet, including external and USB drives.







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