PDF Search(PDF 文件搜索工具)破解版安装



  • PDF Search 是一款 PDF 文件搜索工具,PDF Search 可以快速搜索文档、参考书或者笔记,让您轻松访问任何信息,PDF Search 还支持将文档转换为 PDF 格式,功能很实用。

  • PDF Search — 适用于iPhone,iPad 和 Mac 的人工智能文档搜索工具。

  • 通过 Mac,iPhone 或 iPad 上的数千个文档快速搜索。以意想不到的方式提高您的生产力。你会觉得你很清楚文件中的所有内容。

  • Search blazing fast through thousands of documents using the power of Artificial Intelligence. Make your work and school life much more productive and easier.


  • 智慧与速度的和谐

    • 当涉及到数千个文档时,即使使用强大的硬件,在其中进行搜索也会变成麻烦。找到相关文件后,另一项挑战等待着您。打开这些文档并查找相关页面。此时你需要智慧和速度。PDF Search将这些产品与人工智能相结合。您可以在数千个文档中快速搜索超快速,而且您可以立即到达所需的页面(而不仅仅是文档)。
  • 掌握知识的力量

    • 使用您的iOS设备随处搜索,并在记忆期间找到您要查找的内容。PDF Search旨在为您的iPhone或iPad提供所有桌面功能。使用iCloud或Wifi同步轻松导入文档,享受移动设备的神奇搜索体验。
  • 分享搜索结果

    • 将结果导出为新的汇总PDF
    • 您已经在数千个文档中进行了搜索,并且您已经在数十个文档中找到了有关搜索的页面。您需要与同事分享结果。您是否必须共享包含数百页的所有文档才能共享几十个相关页面?不再。
    • PDF Search允许您将搜索结果中最相关的页面导出为新的PDF文档。因此,您可以使用单个文档与朋友共享摘要报告。
  • 出口单页

    • 有时您只需要与同事共享一页上的信息。使用PDF Search,您可以通过仅导出相应页面而不共享整个文档来完成此操作。
  • 在工作和学校中获得提升

    • 分析师,研究人员,学者,开发人员,教师,学生以及在其工作流程中拥有大量文档的人员。这个应用程序将改变你的生活。
  • 专业的专业人士

    • PDF Search支持办公文档(word,PowerPoint,Pages,Keynote,RTF)。它们将转换为PDF并编制索引。您无需在设备上安装Office应用程序。
  • 是什么让它与众不同?

    • 普通的搜索工具可以进行一致性搜索。他们只检查您的关键字是否存在于文档中。然后他们给你一堆文件清单。你逐个检查它们是否是你要找的那个。没有智能,就像机器一样。
    • PDF Search可实现智能搜索。它不是仅检查存在性,而是单独分析所有页面,并根据给定的关键字对每个页面进行相关性检查。此检查类似于人检查文档的方式。例如,如果某个人拥有包含关键字的标题,则该人对该页面更感兴趣。PDF Search将所有这些检查结合到一个全新的人工智能算法中。使用它,它可以在数千个文档中立即找到最相关的页面。

    • Information is a key to success. PDF Search will help you quickly reach the information lying in documents using its AI-powered algorithm. Just search your documents, reference books or notes using it. Then feel the power of accessing any information within seconds. You will shine in meetings, classes or at work using your Mac, iPad or iPhone. Everyone will be surprised by your mastery over the documents.

    • Ordinary search tools search for existence. They only check whether your keywords exist in documents or not. Then they give you a bunch of document list. You check them one by one to understand whether they are the one you are looking for or not. There is no intelligence, just like a machine.
  • PDF Search makes intelligent search. Instead of checking the only existence, It analyses all pages * separately and makes a relevancy check for each of them according to given keywords. This check is similar to how a human checks documents. For example, a human is more interested in a page if it has a title containing keywords. PDF Search combines all these kind of checks into a brand new algorithm. Using this algorithm, it finds the most relevant pages instantly among thousands of documents.


    • You can search documents on your Mac using iPhone or iPad. Just Sync your files over WiFi with a single click and move all documents with you anywhere.

    • Word, Powerpoint, Pages, Keynote and RTF documents are supported with the integration of PDF Converter. PDF Converter is a free helper app which you can download from our website. After you install it office documents are converted to PDF automatically and indexed by PDF Search.
  • Features

    • Ultra-fast search
    • Synchronization between iOS and macOS app.
    • Page ranking system
    • Word distance algorithm
    • Keyword placement analyze
    • Ability to understand what you mean when you mistype a keyword
    • Export search results as a new PDF document which is containing all best pages from most relevant documents. So you can share results as one document.
    • Wild-char search ability to search words starting or ending with other words.
    • Export current page as PDF easily to share with others
    • Folder based navigation
    • iCloud folder support
    • Tag support
    • Bookmark support
    • Empower search with similar keywords
    • Emphasize power ranking (Header, title, paragraph detection)
    • PDF Converter : Convert office documents to PDF
    • Export as PDF
    • Support for Word, Powerpoint, Pages, Keynote and RTF documents with the integration of PDF Converter app.
    • Ability to run as a window app or menu bar app.
    • Search specific files
    • Higher rank for up-to-date files
    • Quick navigation between pages in different documents
    • Highlighting keywords in animations
    • Insert annotates to pages (Highlight, Underline, Strikethrough)
    • Global shortcut key to search
    • Backup index database













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