• FigrCollage 是一款照片拼贴工具,提供了各种模板可以套用,还能自定义形状,支持将任何形状或文本转换为照片拼贴,可以以任何形状,数字,文字或文字形式的照片拼贴。使用你的照片用心形,圆,方或任何其他形状的照片拼贴。把你的照片安排成数字1,2或任何其他数字的形状。布局图片形成任何字母表或单词。

  • Best software to make a photo collage in the form of any shape, number, word, or text. Use your pictures to make a photo collage in heart, circle, square or any other shape. Arrange your photos in the shape of number 1, 2, or any other number. Layout pictures to form any alphabet or word.


  • 安排图片形成任何形状
  • 安排图片形成任何数字
  • 安排图片形成任何文字或文字
  • 大量的标准形状可供选择
  • 使用自己的形状
  • 在自由形式的照片堆或矩形/六边形/圆形照片网格中布置图片
  • 设置背景色或使用透明背景
  • 从广泛的输出尺寸
  • 指定自定义输出尺寸
  • 横向或纵向拼贴
  • 导出拼贴画为JPEG,PNG,或TIFF将其发送到打印店或从本地打印机打印
  • 导出拼贴照片应用程序
  • 设置拼贴桌面图片
  • 在Facebook,Twitter,Flickr,电子邮件和AirDrop上共享照片拼贴
  • 稍后保存项目以供编辑


    • Make a collage in the shape of number 1 to celebrate your child’s first birthday.
    • Make a “Thank You” or “Happy Birthday” collage by arranging photos to form these words.
    • Make a heart shaped collage from your and your partner’s photos as a valentine’s day gift.

    • Arrange pictures to form any shape
    • Arrange pictures to form any number
    • Arrange pictures to form any word or text
    • Large number of standard shapes to choose from
    • Use your own shapes
    • Layout pictures in a freeform photo pile or in a grid of rectangular/hexagonal/circular photos
    • Set a background color or use a transparent background
    • Select from a wide range of output sizes
    • Specify custom output sizes
    • Landscape or portrait collages
    • Export collage as JPEG, PNG, or TIFF to send it to a print shop or to print it from the local printer
    • Export collage to Photos app
    • Set collage as Desktop Picture
    • Share photo collage on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Email, and AirDrop
    • Save project to edit later









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