DeskCover for Mac(桌面图标及文件快速隐藏工具)破解版安装



  • DeskCover 是 macOS 系统上一款桌面图标快速隐藏工具,通过使用 DeskCover Pro Mac 版可以帮助用户快速隐藏桌面图标,让你凌乱的桌面变得更加整洁,同时可以有效让您集中当前任务,非常的实用。

  • 小而不显眼的 macOS 实用程序,旨在通过覆盖桌面并立即进入单窗口模式来帮助您专注于当前的任务保持你的桌面清洁有时是一个具有挑战性的任务,如果你必须每天处理大量文档,而且还需要快速访问每个文档。

  • 此外,如果您是同时使用多个应用程序的用户类型,并且需要定期在多个窗口之间进行切换,则需要一个旨在帮助您保持专注并快速隐藏桌面的工具,以便在需要时查看质朴。

  • DeskCover Pro 是一个低调的 macOS 应用程序,其目的是为了让用户能够迅速在繁忙的桌面上添加一个屏幕,并在必须避免分心并专注于任务时进入单窗口模式在眼前。

  • DeskCover is a simple Mac application that allows you to hide the mess on your desktop with a single mouse-click or by pressing a global hotkey. It also allows you to focus on your current task by highlighting the window of the currently active application and automatically dimming those of inactive ones.


  • Cover Your Messy Desktop – Hide items on your desktop behind a beautiful picture cover, system wallpaper, or solid color

  • Isolate Frontmost Window – DeskCover automatically highlights the current working window and darkens all the others in the background

  • Customize – Use the color, system wallpaper (desktop image), or your own picture as a cover that will hide the desktop or isolate the active windowyou can also adjust background transparency settings

  • Works with multiple displays and spaces

  • Hotkeys to speed-up your work







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