Paragraphs for Mac(极简的文本编辑器)破解版安装



  • Paragraphs 是 macOS 系统上一款简洁的文本编辑工具。没有繁琐的功能菜单,没有复杂的文本格式设置,一切都是那么简单,可以帮助我们将注意力更加集中在文本输入上。

  • Paragraphs is an app just for writers. It was built for one thing and one thing only: writing. It gives you everything you need to create brilliant prose and does away with the rest.


  • Everything in context. Don’t stress trying to memorize confusing markup. Paragraphs’ quick context menu provides simple, easy-to-use formatting options right where you need them.

  • Focus on what you do best. Gone are the complicated menus and distracting widgets of traditional word processors. When you begin typing in Paragraphs the interface melts away and you’re left with only what you write.

  • Sensible Settings. Paragraphs features multiple layout and font styles that look great by default. There’s also Dark Mode, for a comfortable writing experience at night.








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