uDesktop NEXT(高清壁纸收集下载软件)


  • uDesktop NEXT 是一款的壁纸收集下载软件,支持多种不同设备分辨率,包括iPhone、iPad、Retina分辨率的Macbook等等,4K分辨率的壁纸不在话下,而且还支持最新5K分辨率的新iMac,更恐怖的是还有8K分辨率的壁纸。

  • uDesktop NEXT是最大的壁纸集合应用之一。

  • 用户可以选择许多从数千的高分辨率壁纸为你。放松,并获得新鲜的情绪,每天与美丽的图片,你可以在uDesktop NEXT找到。
  • 体验uDesktop NEXT的全部功能和美感。在这里,你可以找到你一直在寻找这么长的许多壁纸,并用它们来装饰你的桌面!将壁纸搜索转换为有趣的步行uDesktop NEXT的惊人的图片。

  • uDesktop NEXT is one of the biggest wallpaper collections. Choose from many thousands of hi-res wallpapers. Relax and get a fresh mood every day with beautiful pictures from uDesktop NEXT. Experience its full power and beauty. Here you can find the many wallpapers which you’ve been looking for so long and use them to decorate your desktop! Turn your wallpaper search into an entertaining walk through stunning pictures.


  • 无限下载高清晰图片
  • 壁纸分类:壁纸提出了36种不同的类别,每个包含戏剧,艺术图像的任何品味。所有类别都在不断更新
  • 壁纸的一切从iPhone和iPad的全新iMac与Retina 5K显示器,包括最新的iPhone 7和iPad Pro
  • 分辨率锁定允许您搜索壁纸只为您的分辨率
  • 冲浪板 - 令人难以置信的全景高分辨率桌面图片
  • 特色部分与编辑选择和TOP100
  • 特色章节中的特殊类别
  • 令人难以置信的4K,5K和8K壁纸
  • 通过新建,最近,热门或随机选择壁纸
  • 通过标签搜索壁纸
  • 我的文件夹 - 在目录中添加您自己的图像,以便在桌面上显示

  • 附加功能

    • 每周添加一千多张新图片
    • 通过Twitter,Facebook,消息,电子邮件,AirDrop,Flickr与朋友分享壁纸
    • 设置图像为桌面图片
    • 多显示支持
    • 绝对新的用户友好的界面
    • macOS Sierra兼容
  • Unlimited downloads of high definition pictures

  • Categorized Wallpapers. The wallpapers are presented in 36 different categories each containing dramatic, artistic images for any taste. All categories are constantly being updated
  • Wallpapers for everything from iPhone and iPad to the the brand-new iMac with Retina 5K display including latest iPhone 6S and iPad Pro
  • Resolution Lock allows you to search wallpapers only for your resolution
  • Surfboard – incredible panoramic Hi-Res desktop pictures
  • Featured Section with Editors’ Choice and TOP 100
  • Special categories in Featured Section
  • Incredible 4K, 5K and 8K wallpapers
  • Sort the wallpapers by New, Recent, Popular or choose Random
  • Search wallpapers by tags
  • My Folder – add your own images in the catalog for displaying on the desktop

  • Additional features

    • Adding more than a thousand new images weekly
    • Share wallpapers with friends via Twitter, Facebook, Message, Email, AirDrop, Flickr
    • Settings for set image as desktop picture
    • Multi display support
    • Absolutely new user friendly interface
    • OS X 10.11 compatible
    • 24/7 Support by Email









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