• Deskovery 是一款强大的窗口预览和管理工具,可以说是BetterSnapTool + HyperDock两款软件的集合体,支持Dock窗口预览和窗口管理功能,非常好用的一款软件!

  • Deskovery 是Mac os平台上的一款功能非常强大的Mac窗口软件,Deskovery 可以很容易地找到你想要的所有打开的窗口的窗口,只需移动鼠标,查看所有打开窗口的完整列表,选择一个并将其移动到前一个单一的点击。它可以在Mac OS X系统下进行窗口变换。如通过Dock直接切换Space,增加3D变换,窗口变换、伸缩、扭曲,透明窗口等。

  • Deskovery makes it easy to find the window you want out of all your open windows, just move your mouse to see the full list of all open windows, select one and move it to front in a single click.

  • Stop wasting time aligning windows, with Deskovery your windows are magnetic. Windows snap neatly to screen edges. Deskovery also lets you resize windows with one click. Click on the zoom button, drag to the preferred size and position, release mouse button, that’s all!


  • 省时省力

    • ①迅速锁定窗口—移动鼠标查看所有已打开的窗口的列表,单击鼠标选择某个窗口并将它移动到最前面
    • ②重排窗口—Deskovery让窗口充满磁力,使这些小窗口会自动和屏幕边缘对齐
    • ③自由缩放—点击zoom按钮,拖动到你喜爱的位置和尺寸大小,松开鼠标,完成
  • 提高工作效率

    • 把窗口最小化到标题栏或者把它们变透明,这样就会为你的桌面腾出更多空间啦
  • 有趣

    • 用摆动的窗口让你的桌面鲜活起来。不再是死板的传统窗口,给你的桌面注入活力吧
  • Simpler to install and to use: Fully compatible with El Capitan and Sierra (and SIP). No need to install, just launch it.

  • Dock previews: allow to directly see in the Dock, windows previews.
  • Space switcher: Directly see in with Space you are and switch in one click!
  • Updated window shading, with custom shading heights and apps exlusion list.
  • Drag to size: just drag and drop to reisze your windows
  • Modern UI: The UI has been completely redesigned. These are some of the main new features. Deskovery 3 has been rewritten mostly from scratch and also brings a ton of small enhancements.









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