DoYourData Start Menu(快速启动开始菜单创建工具)


  • DoYourData Start Menu 是一款快速启动开始菜单创建工具,其实就是一个类似软件合集启动器一样,可以进行程序的快速启动管理、清理系统、任务管理、磁盘管理、快速访问等,是一个提升效率的工具。

  • DoYourData Start Menu is a smart and comprehensive start menu/taskbar for OS X 10.7 and later. It is a start menu similar to the one found on Windows, but it is much more powerful than the Windows start menu. DoYourData Start Menu gives you easy access to applications, frequently-used functions, disk management and other tasks, junk removal, shutdown/restart, etc.


  • Applications List – DoYourData Start Menu will list all the applications on your Mac: you can easily search, find, and open the applications you want.

  • Task Manager – Check memory and CPU usage, manage tasks, and close unnecessary apps to speed up your system.

  • Clean Up Junk – 1 click to clean up downloads and Trash.

  • Manage Startup Items – Check the startup items and remove the unnecessary ones to increase boot speed. It also allows you to add new startup items.

  • Disk Manager – Manage disks and devices: format disks and external drives, USBs, digital cameras, and card storage media.

  • Quick Visit – Quickly view folders and frequently-used functions using shortcuts.

  • Other Features – Shutdown/restart/sleep button; easily manage the voice, brightness, and background.






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