FilmLight Daylight(高性能视频转码及管理工具)


  • FilmLight Daylight 是一款视频电影调色转码打包软件。它具有强大的拍摄管理和高性能转换功能,将图片打造成现场效果,功能十分强大。

  • Daylight is a powerful platform for managing daily shots and high-performance transcoding. It is designed as a decision tool compact yet powerful classification to help DOPS and directors to set eyes and visualize what they have filmed on the set or on location and meet all requirements of sophisticated products in one application.


  • 广泛的元数据支持

    • Daylight提供全面的端到端处理元数据。系统从相机和音频文件的标题中读取所有数据,并在序列浏览器和镜头视图中显示相关的元数据字段,您还可以选择在场景和画廊中显示缩略图信息。
  • 自定义报告

    • Daylight的广泛的元数据处理可以直接进入复杂的报告生成器,包括自定义列,颜色精确的缩略图和封面。这意味着您可以在每个工作日结束时生成一致,专业的报告。
  • 充分的Baselight创造力

    • 成绩当然可以限制为CDL值或作为标准跨平台工作流的3D LUT导出,但不需要受最低公分母的约束。所有镜头都可以使用与Baselight Editions for Avid,FCP和NUKE的用户熟悉的相同的紧凑的分级界面来创建和应用完整复杂的Baselight外观。
  • 轻松部署

    • 日光可用于购买或季度租赁,自由许可选项允许使用简单的基于Web的身份验证方案将许可证从机器移动到机器。

    • 该软件将运行在任何Mac系统配备OSX 10.9或以上。使用与Baselight版本相同的理念,Daylight使用任何安装的图形卡,而不需要特殊的CUDA功能的变体。

  • 全部Baselight来创意

    • 当然等级可以限制在CDL值或导出为3D LUT的标准跨平台的工作流,但你并不需要的最小公分母的限制。所有的镜头可以完全成熟的Baselight来看起来撰写,并使用相同的紧凑型分级熟悉的界面Baselight来版本的Avid,FCP和NUKE的用户使用。
  • 丰富的元数据支持

    • 日光提供全面的终端到终端的处理元数据。该系统由摄像头和音频文件的标题读取所有的数据就可以和显示在序列浏览器相关的元数据字段和射门视图,你也可以选择显示在场景和画廊缩略图信息。
  • Baselight full creativity of

    • course, grades may be limited to values CDL or exported as 3D LUT workflows for standard cross – platform, but it is not necessary for the lowest common denominator is limited. All outlets can have a sophisticated style of Baselight, and authoring application by using the same classification compact interface familiar to users of Baselight Editions for Avid, FCP and NUKE.
  • Easily implement

    • Daylight is available for purchase or quarterly rent, and the option of separate license allows the license to move from machine to machine using a simple web authentication scheme.
    • The software will run on any Mac OS X system with 10.9 or higher. Using the same philosophy as Baselight Editions, Daylight use any graphics card installed without the need for special variants compatible with CUDA.
  • Extensive support for metadata

    • Daylight provides a complete end to end management of metadata. The system reads all data headers can your camera and audio files and displays relevant metadata fields in Sequence Explorer and Vista Shooting and may also choose to display information about the scene thumbnails and galleries.
  • Custom reports

    • The extensive manipulation of metadata Daylight leads directly to a sophisticated report generator that includes custom columns, thumbnails and accurate cover pages. This means you can produce a consistent and professional at the end of each workday report.





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