Rar Sharp(压缩解压缩工具)


  • Rar Sharp (Rar 解压利器) 是知您网搜集到的Mac os x系统上一款简单,实用的解压缩软件,能够快速、简捷、高效的解压文件,其易于操作的界面让你轻松办公。

  • Rar Sharp is a simple, practical decompression software, can fast, simple and efficient extracting file its easy-to-use interface, personalized settings let you easily office.


  • 支持RAR文件密码保护的解压缩.
  • 双击浏览存档内的图像和预览文件,无需解压。
  • 支持自动模式和手动模式,个性化的设置
  • 支持拖放文件从列表视图直接解压缩
  • 支持拖动多个压缩包进行解压
  • 支持可以选择一个给定的压缩文件中的某些文件或部分文件的解压缩
  • 支持自动编码和选择文件编码(默认自动编码)
  • 支持的解压缩格式:rar, zip, gzip, tar, cbz, cbr, gz, tgz, bz, bz2 ,tgz2, tbz.
  • 支持的压缩格式:zip

  • Supports to unzip password protected RAR files .

  • Double click to BROWSE images and PREVIEW files inside an archive without extracting.
  • Supports to automatic mode and manual mode with personalized settings.
  • Supports to drag and drop files directly to the Finder to decompress from the list view
  • Supports to drag drop multiple files and uncompress at a time.
  • Supports to decompress selected certain files or parts of one given compressed file
  • Supports automatic encoding and select the file encoding (default auto-coding)
  • Supported unzip formats: rar, zip, gzip, tar, cbz, cbr, gz, tgz, bz, bz2 ,tgz2 ,tbz.
  • Supported compression formats: zip







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