Poto Editor(照片编辑工具)


  • Seasoft Poto Editor 是一款适用于Mac操作系统的照片编辑器,专为RAW格式处理而优化设计。Poto Editor 不仅支持简单的照片编辑操作,还支持各种照片效果,包括单色,转印,黑色,即时和其他效果等,同时Poto Editor还支持几乎所有由各种相机生成的RAW照片格式,功能非常不错。

  • Seasoft Poto Editor 是专为RAW格式处理而优化的集成照片处理解决方案。它不仅支持简单的照片编辑操作,如拉直,旋转,裁剪等,还支持各种照片效果,如单色,转印,黑色,即时和其他效果。为了使照片更好,它可以从RAW格式照片中读取信息,这有助于自动设置白平衡,曝光,温度和色调。此外,您可以手动执行此操作。为了更好地支持此功能,它支持几乎所有由各种相机生成的RAW照片格式,包括佳能,尼康。。为了提高编辑效率,您可以将编辑操作保存到预设表格中,不用担心忘记设置了哪个值。

  • Seasoft Poto Editor for mac is the integrated photo processing solution which specially optimized for RAW format processing. It not only supports simple photo editing operations, such as straightening, rotating, cropping, etc., but also supports various photo effects such as mono, transfer, noir, instant and other effects. To make the photo better, it can read information from RAW format photos, which helps to automatically set white balance, exposure, temperature and tint. In addition, you can do this manually. To better support this feature, it supports almost all RAW photo formats generated by various cameras, including Canon, Nikon.


  • 支持许多幻想照片效果(支持的照片效果部分)。
  • 支持旋转,翻转,裁剪照片。
  • 支持预设编辑。
  • 支持几乎流行的相机(支持相机部分)。
  • 重新设计的用户界面更加美观和高效。
  • 无需专业技能即可使用
  • 改善了性能。

  • 支持的照片效果:

    • 拉直,饱和度,对比度,亮度,曝光调整,白平衡,温度和色调
    • 棕褐色调,色调调整,锐化,降噪,Vibrance,Vignette,Photo Chrome,
      Photo Fade,Photo Instant,Photo Mono,Photo Noir,Photo Process,Photo Tonal,Photo Transfer。
  • 支持的输入格式:

  • 支持的输出格式:

  • Key features

    • Supported many fantasy photo effects(supported photo effects section).
    • Supported rotate, flip, crop photo.
    • Supported preset edit.
    • Supported almost popular cameras(supported cameras section).
    • The redesigned user interface is more beautiful and efficient.
    • Easy to use without professional skills.
    • Improved performance.
  • Supported photo effects:

    • Straighten, Saturation, Contrast, Brightness, Exposure adjust, White Balance, Temperature and Tint
      Sepia Tone, Hue Adjust, Sharpen, Noise Reduction, Vibrance, Vignette, Photo Chrome,
      Photo Fade, Photo Instant, Photo Mono, Photo Noir, Photo Process, Photo Tonal, Photo Transfer.
  • Supported input formats:

  • Supported output formats:









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