Pixelmator Templates(Pixelmator 素材模板套件)



  • Templates for Pixelmator by GN 是一款提供了超过 400 多个模板和纹理的 Pixelmator 模板集合整合包软件。使用 Templates for Pixelmator by GN 版,您只需几分钟就能创造出专业的作品!

  • Templates for Pixelmator by GN is the perfect tool for users of Pixelmator who desires quickly and easy create high-quality Banners, Headers, Infographics or Twitter and Facebook covers. This set offers over 400 templates and textures.

  • Focus on content – leave design for us. Just in minutes create professional looking works!


  • 专业
    • 通用套件磨坊模板是由经验丰富的设计师设计的高品质设计师,寻求最新的趋势,所以您的创作将是现代和专业的。
  • 宽选择
    • 您可以选择 6 种模板:横幅,Facebook 封面,Twitter 封面,标题,信息图和纹理。选择您想要的类别,选择一个模板并开始自定义!
  • 款式多样
    • 通用套件磨坊包含一系列设计,从优雅至清洁的最小款式。选择符合您需求的款式!
  • 易于使用
    • 模板结构合理,分层,可以快速编辑,可以轻松更改文字,图像和颜色,以符合您自己,业务或组织风格。所有图像和插图可以通过剪辑面具轻松更换。
  • 尺寸物品
    • 封面完美地为 Facebook 和 Twitter 尺寸要求而创建。
    • 横幅类别包括 10 个子类别,不同横幅尺寸从 120x240 到 720x300。
    • 标题配有 1024x768 分辨率。
  • Professional
    • Templates for Pixelmator by GN are high-quality designed by experienced designers who seek the newest trends, so your creation will be modern and professional looking.
  • Wide choice
    • You can choose between 6 categories of templates: Banners, Facebook covers, Twitter Covers, Headers, Infographics and Textures. Pick your wanted category, choose a template and start customize!
  • Styles variety
    • Templates for Pixelmator by GN contains a selection of designs, from elegant looking to clean minimal styles. Choose style that match your needs!
  • Easy-to-use
    • Templates are well structured, layered and can be quickly edited – it is easy to change the text, images and colors to match your own, business or your organization style. All images and illustrations can be effortlessly replaced via Clipping Masks.
  • Size matter
    • Covers are perfectly created for Facebook and Twitter sizes requirements.
    • Banners category includes 10 sub-categories with different Banners sizes from 120×240 to 720×300.
    • Headers comes with 1024×768 resolution.





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