• Entropy 是一款优秀的压缩工具之一,支持30种压缩格式,如7z、Zip、RAR、iso等常见格式,此外,还支持分卷压缩、文件过滤器、压缩加密等等功能,可以设置不同的压缩方案,非常的不错!

  • Easily create, open and preview popular archive files like ZIP, RAR, 7z, TGZ and more ( 30+ formats supported ).


  • Entropy Mac(多功能解压缩软件)同时还是一个功能强大的文档管理器。可以创建、更改、提取许多格式的文档,包括:zip、7z和tar格式,还支持rar、arj、cab、chm、cpio、cramfs、deb、dmg、fat、flv、hfs、iso、jar、lzh、lzma、mbr、msi、nsis、ntfs、rar、rpm、squashfs、tar、tar.bz2、tar.gz、udf、vhd、wim、xar、xpi、z、zip等等。Entropy Mac(多功能解压缩软件)支持预览文件包内容,支持创建多种格式的压缩文件,并支持压缩文件内容的添加和删除、支持加密、支持压缩文件内容的搜索,Entropy Mac(多功能解压缩软件)还支持文件名过滤,这样您就不用担心压缩的时候不小心把.DS_store这样的隐藏文件也打入压缩包了。

  • An unparalleled feature set makes Entropy the ultimate archiving app:

    • EXTRACT all major archive formats
    • CREATE highly compressed archives with easy
    • PROTECT your data using industrial strength encryption
    • PREVIEW files inside an archive without extracting it - as easily as Finder
    • MODIFY existing archives - no need to extract and re-archive files anymore
    • CUSTOMIZE Entropy via detailed preference options
    • BUILT-IN Password Manager.
    • FILTER out unnecessary files that clutter archives ( like .DS_Store )
    • SCRIPTING support for power users via AppleScript + Python for automating tasks
    • DUAL-MODE: switch between auto-extract and content-view modes.
  • Designed for OS X

    • Entropy has been designed specifically for your Mac. It supports OS X specific technologies like extended file attributes and resource forks, which are often missing in other archives.
      Equal attention has been paid to aesthetics, usability and technology while developing Entropy.
  • High Performance

    • Entropy directly reads and writes archives, unlike most other archivers for Mac which are simply “front-ends”. The end result is that Entropy is often discernibly faster.
  • Responsive Support

    • If you ever have any problems with Entropy, just send an email to support@eigenlogik.com and we’ll help you solve it - fast!








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